Day 24 Inspired ❤❤❤

Sunday, the day of rest! I wish!  

For some foolish reason I decided to get up early and instead of my usual long lie with many mugs of coffee and a good book, I found myself in my gym clothes and out walking. It was not the warmest of mornings but AC/DC in my headphones were working a treat. Now this would not be too bad if my brain had not then decided that I felt good enough to head to the Gym! Optimism on the part of my psyche, methinks???? 

 Well, 2 lots of ten minutes on the treadmill, 20 on the bike then my 10 minute rowing challenge and my psyche was no longer optimistic. Jelly legs and wimpy arms were struggling to even get me back to the Changing Room but after at least two pints of water and a breather, things got better. 

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My ten minute rowing challenge results, today on the left 

It was then onto Social Media duty as two of the Junior Tennis groups at the Western  Health and Racquets Club were taking part in workshops with Jeff, agreat sports   psychologist. He got the guys to think about how negative thoughts affect their tennis game and their lives in general. Sitting listening to the enthusiasm of the groups was inspiring and I have to say it made me think about a lot of negative thinking that I do. The groups had some great ideas and their feedback at the end was encouraging. 

Today was definitely inspiring and full of thinking. As we go into Week 5, I can honestly say there is a difference. The physical signs will come but the mental strength is already there. 

Look out Week 5!

Promises, Promises … Sunday

I made the mistake of reading back over some of my Blogs yesterday. Big mistake, mainly because I picked the wrong ones to read. I chose to read those full of promises and pacts with myself, 75% of which I didn’t keep or found some excuse to justify the break!


We go out of our way to keep promises to others, cancelling nights out to go see family, leaving the pub because we promised we would be home early, why then is it much easier to break that promise to ourselves than it is to others? The guilt trip that we face when the child puts on that Oscar-winning sob and bleats but you promised, send us in a nose dive straight into the pool of “how could I’ followed by so much “making it up to you” we spend half our wages on crap toys and fast food!

What if that child was us?

Remember that promise you made to yourself as you gazed upon the sight that greeted you in the mirror yesterday morning? You know, the one you went “Ugh, never again” to then promptly walked past the gym and hit the chip shop? I see you nodding, I know I am! I remember discussing this with a friend and her saying that the promises we make to ourselves don’t matter because they are just words we use to justify the old “diet starts tomorrow” mentality. But that kind of got me thinking, what if every self promise we break does affect us? Imagine you have an empty egg box perfectly balanced on your head and every time you make yourself a promise an egg is put into that box. Just think how careful you would be to keep that box balanced because the last thing you would want is for an egg to fall out and run all over your face. Ick! Now just consider all the “promises/bargains/pacts” you made with yourself last week and oh yes we are seeing broken eggshells all over the floor with a raw egg shampoo happening, aren’t we?

promise egge broken

Eggs, like promises are such fragile things so perhaps we should think a bit more before making that commitment

As a Brownie Guide, we promised to “do our best, to do our duty to God, to serve the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Brownie Guide law” a mantra I remember chanting every Monday night then promptly forgetting it unless there was a badge involved. Perhaps it is time to stop the promise repetition that often really means nothing and start just doing? If the eggs in the box on our head become the norm, we will get used to them and change our life so that nothing falls out and breaks aka no egg on our face. So for the next fortnight , to try t keep myself on track, my Blog will be full of very boring normal every day life stuff, I want to see for the next two weeks how much fitting things into normal life works and keep a tally of the broken eggs just to make myself a bit more aware of self-respect and permanent changes to my life and how I can get all those smashed eggs back together. I am making no promises …yet!



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Bridget Gym’s Diary Thursday 5th June 2014 Day 11

Day 11

Thursday …

  • Awake: 5.00am after a terrible nights sleep. Too much on my mind
  • COFFEE … Black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Breakfast: 8 am Total 0% Greek Yoghurt with chopped nuts and teaspoon fried fruits.
  • Snack : Earl Grey Tea no milk, cucumber sticks
  • Lunch:  Banana and carton of skimmed milk on the go, was going to a funeral and then had the gym with GymGuyMark
  • Snack : Coffee and handful of nuts(watch how many almonds you eat)
  • Evening: 8pm Grilled salmon and green beans with soy and honey dressing. Pineapple
  • Today’s highs:  Really good Gym session at Western Health and Racquets Club Gym with GymGuyMark, it was just what I needed after a very tough morning. Good mix of cardio plus arm knackering, tummy crunching, leg wobbling weights.
  • Today’s lows : The funeral was difficult, tough to see someone you care about going through so much pain. Had made plans for this evening and had to cancel because, well life chucked a huge curve ball that I to go deal with.

Tip of the day: Sorry but exercise does help stress. Even getting out for a walk guys really does help to chill you out. My Gym session today was sheer agony, hate planks, but working out took my mind off a lot of what was going on

Tiredy girl tonight, shower, new PJ’s on and bed



Bridget Gym’s Diary Thursday 29th May 2014 Day 4

Day 4

Gin and Soup Day



  • Awake: 5am, not a good night, world decided to be really noisy
  • Exercise: Got off bus early and walked for about half a mile, legs and shoulders in agony after my self-induced tough cardio session last night
  • Breakfast: 0% fat Greek yoghurt with muesli, a handful blueberries and a teaspoon of honey at my desk with full caff coffee
  • Lunch: Carrot and coriander soup, banana
  • Snack: Almonds and skimmed latte
  • Exercise : walking from our office to Central Station in high heels, cardio girly style!!!!!
  • WARNING, this next bit contains booze. 
  • Evening:  Canapes, various sorts, pieces of steak, mini burgers and one, maybe two, possibly three, oh all right four gins and a cocktail at a preview night for Alston Bar and Beef which I thoroughly recommend.
  • Today’s highs:  Superb gin chat with Chris at Alston Bar and Beef and top catch up with Wilma
  • Today’s lows : Had words with someone I don’t like having words with, flippin menopause emotions are a nightmare. Tough to handle

Tip of the day : You need a night like this now and again. It is important not to beat yourself up about falling off the healthy eating wagon, you can always climb back on again.

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