Day 33 Ten Minutes ❤❤❤

You have a free day! Yay! You have two choices to either chill and watch movies all day or start a list of all the things you meant to do but didn’t. I chose the latter, list made over breakfast, gym bag packed and iPad, Organiser and pens all stuffed into my handbag. Cue phone call from a friend of a networking contact to ask if I was busy. It’s a tough one to answer as she didn’t say why and I really wanted to get through my list. I assumed it was related to my job hunt but when I said I had a few things to do but could make some time, she asked how quickly could I get to the other side of town. 

It turns out the speaker to their women’s group had cancelled on them and one of the ladies had been at a workshop I helped with a while back. Their subject was Coping with Anxiety and “all you have to do is talk for 10 minutes then maybe a wee exercise then finish off with another 10 minutes”.  Cope with anxiety eh???? Sure says I, it will only take me ten minutes to get things rearranged. In fact I had an hour to get changed, think of what I was going to say and jump in a taxi.

One of the things that you need to be aware of when you are learning to cope with any kind of heightened anxiety is to stop and take a breath. You sit still and become conscious of your breathing, take the time to still yourself and calm as much as you can to reserve your energy for what you need to face or cope with. 

For me it does just take ten minutes. I sit on the floor, if I can, light a candle on this statue, (I also carry a photo of this on my phone) and then I pick a place that I love. I focus on why I love it, the memories attached to it and listen to a specific piece of music that lasts exactly ten minutes. It works every time, just that short routine helps to focus and clear my mind as well as calm any building anxiety. The other thing that works is a proper cup of tea. Brewed in a teapot and poured into a proper cup and saucer.

The talk went really well, sharing thoughts and experiences just shows the amount of different ways anxiety, stress or panic affects our lives. From those it cripples so much they can’t go out or those of us who are lucky to have found ways to control it even in the worse case scenarios, you find your own way to cope. But the most important thing to remember is that you never fail to cope, you are always learning because no two days or instances are the same. 

A huge part of this 150 day challenge is to add things into my life that become second nature. Like turning down the most amazing home baked scones or skipping a delicious looking piece of cheesecake because I knew I was being treated to dinner. Coping with that was very very tough!!!!!!

So with halo in tact and polished even more when I got the taxi to stop in town so I could walk it home, a day that should have gone one way turned out differently. And it only took ten minutes to cope! 


Day 31 Sorting ❤❤❤

Have you ever gone looking for something and ended up finding something else that turns your day upside down?

My quest turned a quiet Sunday into a room that looks like a paper bomb had hit it. I had to try and find a letter with a reference number on it and it was not where I was sure I had left it. I must have gone through the same box of papers about four or five times when I accidentally knocked over another box and lo and behold, guess what fell out? I have to admit to a slight temper tantrum and a box got hurled across the room. The box knocked over another file and guess what fell out of there? A copy of the same letter!

So many times in life we think we are right but now and again it takes a fallen box and a forest of paper to make you realise you were wrong. 

Today I learned that admitting you were wrong is a huge lesson, from tiny things to great big foot in it mistakes. Important thing is to learn and move on. This is where my daily walk has been helping, the fresh air calms me down and helps focus.


Day 30 Chilling ❤❤❤

I have to admit that this morning I am shattered. A very busy and challenging week caught up with me and I had to cancel a few things today. I deliberately had a slow morning with a little bit longer in my meditation time. My walk took me round the Botanic Gardens minus my FitBit. The crocus and snowdrops are peeping up everywhere, it is so nice to see that wee bit of colour.

I admit to a nap when I got back and then dealt with all the stuff I had been avoiding on my TO DO list. 

Determination to get the job done! 

Sunday is going to be a challenging day as I have a lot to do plus fit in my walk. Think I need another nap



Day 29 Balancing ❤❤❤

Today I wake up to snow flurries outside and a body and arms that are jet lagged. My shoulders are aching and it feels like someone has been bouncing up and down on my forearms. 

However this Friday is about the psychological not the physical as I am off for a counselling session to help rebalance my thoughts and psyche. It is vital to keep things in check particularly if you have had a history of heightened anxiety in your past. When you are coping  with the challenges and changes that are going on in your life, always remember to look after all aspects of your life. 

You look after your diet and re focus on your exercise routine, remember to take time to clear your head, shake out the cobwebs and set the dial back to zero so that you have space in the tank to refill 

Today I learned that I am stronger than I thought and it is time to pat myself on the back. 

Day 28 Skullcrushing! ❤❤❤

Chilly Thursday morning started with three phone calls, visit to Job Centre, two more calls then a rather out of breath walk back to Western Health and Racquets Club for a long overdue weights session with GymGuyMark.

We sat and had a chat before the session began because Mark wanted to check what I had been doing fitness wise. Then into the weights room to get started. 

We started with me on my back on the bench attempting my first ever “lift” with wimpy features here only managing to lift the 20kg bar on its own. Yet again finding places in my arms to ache that I never knew existed.

Then it was onto using these bad boys for two different exercises! Wimpy features here nearly had a whitey when my head couldn’t keep up with my body and a wee dizzy spell took hold. Muscles and arms are really whinging now.

Next, some straight forward lifts and curls with arms and muscles that are growing ever so slightly concerned about the amount of work I am making them do. Trying to make your body believe that it has more in the tank and it can keep lifting weights is tough. But determination is present so lets keep going.

Next another lift using kettlebell then a bucket of water to refill and a wee bit of pulling in time to Beyoncé!!!!!!

Our final lift was with me flat on my back on the floor with a weight in my hand. According to GGM it is known as the skullcrusher and it should look similar to this but for the first time ever, after managing a few lifts, my arms decided that enough was enough and the tank was empty. 

I have never experienced this before where my arms genuinely could not support the weight. It was so frustrating not to be able to complete the set but the tank was well past red and running on fumes. The beauty of a good PT is that they should know that you are genuinely done so we finished off with some stretching. 

Check my Facebook page for after session video 

It was a good session even if it left me dragging my bag home because I couldn’t lift it!!!!! But it showed how much work I have to do to get back to the weights I used to be able to lift. 

Day 28 G learned determination

Day 27 Plotting and Challenge ❤❤❤

Up with the very sleepy lark this morning, places to go and people to see. I did treat myself to breakfast at my favourite coffee shop, Gordon Street Coffee. Their Glasgow Roast is just the fuel to get you going. I love sitting in here, especially this morning as the coffee bean roaster was on.

Job done in the City Centre then in for my next coffee at Western Health and Racquets Club’s Members Bar. 

With all this caffeine time to channel into a workout and boy did I push myself. 

Check the Day 27 post on my Facebook page

Tomorrow, more coffee powered activity and if nothing gets in the way, a workout with GymGuyMark


Day 26 Tempests ❤❤❤

Well Day 26 was windy, cold and wet! It was one of those days where you just want to stay in bed and do nothing but watch crap TV. Unfortunately I had a list as long as my aching legs so no lazing around!!!! I didn’t even have time for a gym session so instead I walked it from the West End into Glasgow City Centre, in the rain. 

Check my short video here, although I do get the name of the movie wrong 

Tuesday night is movie night and tonight was the RSC latest production of The Tempest. It is such a strange play but the effects in this production make it rather special. Such a weird experience watching theatre in the cinema, it is great that you can get access to productions that would normally be too far away or too expensive.

RSC The Tempest
Today was a day full of more preparation and planning, a touch of networking and watching Prospero. I am beginning to factor the balancing of all the elements I wanted to be able to cope with into my day. The key is going to be that when I get back to work that this balance remains. So far it seems to be working but the proof will be in the Optimistic pudding. 

Ohhh pudding!!!!!

Day 25 Planning ❤❤❤

Monday! Did it start well? 

No! Let’s just say migraine, plus getting soaked twice did not equal a good mood!!!!!

However today became all about planning, working out gym time in amongst all the appointments and calls in my job search as well as making sure the fridge is stocked with guilt free food. It ended up with a wall covered in post it notes and a huge mind map, really helping to crystallise some priorities and ideas. Balancing what seems to be key then weighing up what is actually important versus what I would like to be important. 

Gym tomorrow, going to try and push myself a bit harder on the machines as the weeks are flying by and I want to start seeing more results! Focus time! Challenge time!