Bridget Gym’s Diary Thursday 29th May 2014 Day 4

Day 4

Gin and Soup Day



  • Awake: 5am, not a good night, world decided to be really noisy
  • Exercise: Got off bus early and walked for about half a mile, legs and shoulders in agony after my self-induced tough cardio session last night
  • Breakfast: 0% fat Greek yoghurt with muesli, a handful blueberries and a teaspoon of honey at my desk with full caff coffee
  • Lunch: Carrot and coriander soup, banana
  • Snack: Almonds and skimmed latte
  • Exercise : walking from our office to Central Station in high heels, cardio girly style!!!!!
  • WARNING, this next bit contains booze. 
  • Evening:  Canapes, various sorts, pieces of steak, mini burgers and one, maybe two, possibly three, oh all right four gins and a cocktail at a preview night for Alston Bar and Beef which I thoroughly recommend.
  • Today’s highs:  Superb gin chat with Chris at Alston Bar and Beef and top catch up with Wilma
  • Today’s lows : Had words with someone I don’t like having words with, flippin menopause emotions are a nightmare. Tough to handle

Tip of the day : You need a night like this now and again. It is important not to beat yourself up about falling off the healthy eating wagon, you can always climb back on again.

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