Bridget Gym’s Diary Thursday 5th June 2014 Day 11

Day 11

Thursday …

  • Awake: 5.00am after a terrible nights sleep. Too much on my mind
  • COFFEE … Black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Breakfast: 8 am Total 0% Greek Yoghurt with chopped nuts and teaspoon fried fruits.
  • Snack : Earl Grey Tea no milk, cucumber sticks
  • Lunch:  Banana and carton of skimmed milk on the go, was going to a funeral and then had the gym with GymGuyMark
  • Snack : Coffee and handful of nuts(watch how many almonds you eat)
  • Evening: 8pm Grilled salmon and green beans with soy and honey dressing. Pineapple
  • Today’s highs:  Really good Gym session at Western Health and Racquets Club Gym with GymGuyMark, it was just what I needed after a very tough morning. Good mix of cardio plus arm knackering, tummy crunching, leg wobbling weights.
  • Today’s lows : The funeral was difficult, tough to see someone you care about going through so much pain. Had made plans for this evening and had to cancel because, well life chucked a huge curve ball that I to go deal with.

Tip of the day: Sorry but exercise does help stress. Even getting out for a walk guys really does help to chill you out. My Gym session today was sheer agony, hate planks, but working out took my mind off a lot of what was going on

Tiredy girl tonight, shower, new PJ’s on and bed



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