Day 24 Inspired ❤❤❤

Sunday, the day of rest! I wish!  

For some foolish reason I decided to get up early and instead of my usual long lie with many mugs of coffee and a good book, I found myself in my gym clothes and out walking. It was not the warmest of mornings but AC/DC in my headphones were working a treat. Now this would not be too bad if my brain had not then decided that I felt good enough to head to the Gym! Optimism on the part of my psyche, methinks???? 

 Well, 2 lots of ten minutes on the treadmill, 20 on the bike then my 10 minute rowing challenge and my psyche was no longer optimistic. Jelly legs and wimpy arms were struggling to even get me back to the Changing Room but after at least two pints of water and a breather, things got better. 

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My ten minute rowing challenge results, today on the left 

It was then onto Social Media duty as two of the Junior Tennis groups at the Western  Health and Racquets Club were taking part in workshops with Jeff, agreat sports   psychologist. He got the guys to think about how negative thoughts affect their tennis game and their lives in general. Sitting listening to the enthusiasm of the groups was inspiring and I have to say it made me think about a lot of negative thinking that I do. The groups had some great ideas and their feedback at the end was encouraging. 

Today was definitely inspiring and full of thinking. As we go into Week 5, I can honestly say there is a difference. The physical signs will come but the mental strength is already there. 

Look out Week 5!

Day 23 A Day Off ❤❤❤

I have decided that Saturday will be a day off with no FitBit and cheat, within reason, eating. I think in any kind of challenge you need at least one get out of jail free card. It hopefully stops you from “lapsing” the rest of the week. 

So Saturday was laundry day at my friend H’s with chat, coffee and great zone out TV. Having said that I did do my walk that has now become an integral part of my day. These 30 or 40 minutes are now a necessity, exactly what I hoped they would be. Even in the rain it really helps! 

Tomorrow will be very different, it is a busy Sunday and I am looking forward to it 

Day 22 Friday ! ❤❤❤

Today I had to have my thoughts organised. My day planner was full with calls, meetings and catch ups. So it was with a full charged FitBit and a very optimistic attitude that my day began with a walk down to see my Job Coach at the Job Centre. No matter how I feel, I use this as a positive experience, even when things are not going as I planned, after chatting to Emma I always feel brighter. And today was exceptional, I don’t want to say too much, it isn’t a new job, but there is an exciting possibility bubbling under. After I left I made two calls to Agencies then decided to head to the one place I always go to chill out. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

There are two spaces there that I love. One is the Scottish Colourists Room with the paintings by FCB Cadell, they always help me zone out and chill.

The other space is a tiny little room with one painting and they play amazing choral music. Unfortunately today I couldn’t wait to hear the organ recital at 1pm but it looked glorious in the mid day sun.

So the rest of Friday was spent walking around and enjoying the fresh air, mind mapping ideas, doing research, and all sorts of other challenges. This sense of optimism is infectious. Even the end to this day was good, I went to meet my friends for dinner and to see comedian Jack Whitehall. At the end of a remarkable day, laughter and good times with good friends truly was the best medicine. 

If this challenge is teaching me anything it is that optimism, focus and a willingness to try are some of the ways to cope with change and challenge. This is not just about exercise and healthy eating, it is about becoming healthier in all aspects of life. 

Oh and there are definite signs of a waist!

Day 21 : Optimistic Me 

I watched the amazing Kate Foster’s weekly Blog prompt on her Copying Writing with Attitude page and in it she encouraged those watching to write about something optimistic about their business or product. It got me thinking about my 150 Day Challenge and how I can be optimistic about it despite the bad weather, cold/flu, sore muscles, no job and moan and whinge and generally feel sorry for attention seeking me!

I used mind mapping to plot out all the areas I had hoped to improve on, think about what I can influence and areas that I have no control over. It helped me to crystallise some of what was getting me down. It seems to be that when you can actually admit there are areas of your life over which you have no influence or control, you tend to relax a bit. Well I know I do.  

Mind over matter?

The disappointment I feel when I can’t make an arranged class or exercise lesson does get me down because I feel that I am failing to meet my own expectations. But optimism does creep back in when I realise that every day I have managed my walk, for the last two weeks my eating plan has been stuck to and all at the same time of going through job hunting. So Wednesday is all about looking forward, realising that it is better to be optimistic. 

The glass of gin is half full!

Day 20 Walking In The Rain ❤❤❤

What a day! I had so much to do that staying in was out of the question. Unfortunately it was absolutely pouring with rain and I got soaked to the skin three times. Walking in the rain is not fun and even more so when steep hills are involved. I had intended to go to the Gym to hit the treadmill but having had to walk around most of Glasgow’s West End, I gave up. The legs had a great workout and I have to say that I felt so much better. 

So a walk of an hour coupled with three steep hills was my exercise for the day. I am still sticking to watching what I eat, I even managed to avoid the temptation of cinema snacks.

Today started out quite disappointingly work search wise but if this challenge is teaching me anything it is to focus on the abilities I have and to cope with all the changes that are happening. Oh and one other tiny little thing, I think I can spot my waistline emerging!!!!!

Day 19 out of action ❤❤❤

Day 19 consisted of the shivers, the sneezes and swollen glands.

My diet consisted of veggies, soup, oranges and a tonne of cold and flu medication.

My exercise? One slow 30 minute walk wearing about four layers of clothing, it was a real struggle! 

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In other words my main exercise today was sleep!

Tomorrow WILL be different 


Day 18 Back on the treadmill ❤❤❤

After two tough days, despite the start of a cold, I had to get back to the Gym. I could really feel myself starting to stiffen up and the old legs definitely needed a stretch.

Facebook video
So after watching the thrilling Australian Open final, I wrapped up, hit the treadmill and then the bike. It was a real mind over matter workout, with my body telling me it wanted a lie down but my brain disagreeing. Lots of water, good tunes and sheer will hit me through 20 mins on the treadmill then 20 on the bike. 

So as we head into week 4 despite a few hiccups I feel like I am still on course. My eating is definitely better and even on Friday when I hit the comfort food, the good thing was that I got straight back to the plan. All those carbs and fat made me feel low and tired so today was good cereals and lots of veg. 

Next week will hopefully include another spinning session, a long distance walk and possibly a weights session. I have a lot on next week so balance will be key. Now I am off to bed with lots of vitamin C and a warming apple and cinnamon lemsip. 

Thank you for your support so far!

Day 16 and 17 Coping with Challenge ❤❤❤

Firstly apologies for no Blog yesterday, it was for good reason. 

One if the biggest challenges I am facing at the moment is being unemployed and I am sure there are many of you out there who will appreciate the issues that brings. Not just the research into potential opportunities, networking and applying for work but the dealing with other agencies. It can be very tough when things do not turn out as expected and you need to spend precious hours on and off the phone rearranging, sorting and listening to hold music. But if this 150 day challenge had taught me anything it is to focus! Feel sorry for yourself, stretch then get up off your butt and take action. 

So after a heck of a Friday, I fell off the food wagon big time but still managing 30 minutes walking and 15 minutes stepping up and down on Mum and Dad’s stairs. But the result was that today I felt shattered, the combination of stress, crap food and not a lot of sleep meant that, apart from my 40 minute walk, I listened to my body and rested. The will to exercise was there but it was more important that I got my balance back. It is all part of this 150 day challenge to find said balance and cope.

Tomorrow I will be back, I think some zen treadmill action is required!


Day 14 Spinning continued : Michael’s side! ❤❤❤

Working with Geraldine was great…..a different approach given it was a one-on-one introduction to Spinning. However everything we did with bike set up, start pedaling, sit, stand, heart rate up, sweat, etc……all the same as every Beginners class we do in the Studio.

…..and so we start Spinning. The basics are straight forward, sitting and pedaling as if you are on a flat road, all to the beat of the music. 2nd track and we add a little more gear and we stand up, as if we are going up hill, a gradual hill, but a hill all the same. Heart rate increases, breath becomes shorter, sweat forms on forehead. All going to plan.

At the top of the hill we rest. Catch our breath, let heart rate drop a little, drink water and mop brow.

Once recovered, we repeated. However, all at a pace that suited Geraldine…..and that’s the way Spinning works, by the individual being in full control of the bike and how much resistance they add to the bike.

Next time, penciled in for Monday morning, we will simply do the same again and get used to the bike and exercise a little more. However, more effort, more resistance/gear, more increased heart rate, more sweat, more water, more mopping of brow……another step closer the 150 day goal.

You can contact Michael 


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Day 15 Streeeettchhhh ❤❤❤

The day after spin dawns! Even the thought of getting out of bed was a challenge. I am not sore from Spinning because I was “sensible” and stretched, it is more that my body is saying … What??? You put us through that yesterday and expect us to move today? ??? Sorry but we are calling our union, strike!!!! … My problem was I had so much to do today, the legs had to be moved. A brisk walk thought I and managed to drag my body half way down Hyndland Road before a wee seat at the bus stop beside an 85 year old lady was required. 

Of course I got lots of sympathy from GymGuyMark “Aw poor you 😀😜” which means get yourself down to the Gym, you have PT.  GGM did relent and we did some great stretches which really helped. The beauty of working with trainers you know and trust is that they understand when to push you and when to hold back. I could have attempted a weights session today but GGM knows I would probably have been so frustrated with myself it would have been a waste. So some strong stretching out the aches and strains it was! 

Where did my other leg go?

One of the ideas behind this challenge is to find a sustainable level of exercise and pattern of eating that fits my lifestyle. It is also to prove to all you gymophobes, recovering or otherwise, that there will be an activity that you can do. Whether that is dog walking, Spinning, playing squash or tennis, gym or climbing the stairs every day, it all helps. And I do mean it when I say if I can have a go then anyone can. 

No video today as most of you are probably still recovering from watching yesterdays so, here is a lovely sunset which is probably as red as my face was.