To fail or not to fail, that is the question

The situation is this, I currently have over 30 blogs sitting in draft and I can honestly say that I am not happy with any of them. I have read and re read them and have come to the conclusion that they are not worth publishing. I have been writing every night since I started my “challenge” but have found that my blogs started to get repetitive and quite frankly boring. So I figure, that if they were boring me then you, dear reader, would end up comatose.

I guess I could say that I failed (hate that word) in my Challenge but then on reflection did I ? The dictionary has the definition of failed as an undertaking not achieving its end or not lasting. so I guess my question is, did I?

Yes, in the sense that there is not the weight loss I expected, I am not a marathon runner nor did I keep up with my video and blog posts.

No, because I managed to change my thinking, challenge my expectations and cope with it all.

In the last few months I have discovered my inner entrepreneur, realised what makes me happy, challenges me professionally, set realistic goals and made sacrifices to work towards them but perhaps most importantly I have coped. Since January, life has thrown me so many curve balls that to be honest the catchers mitt would have to be the size of Yankee Stadium to catch them all. But I guess that is life! I can sit here and worry that I look like a right idiot having said I would do this 150 day challenge and then “fail” to achieve what I said I would. So what, look at me, I am an idiot but an idiot who has learned so many lessons, many many new skills, networked my ass off to kick off a new business and not once wobbled at the challenge. Oh and coped meds free!

If failure looks like this then happy to say I failed because to me it means I know what is important and what matters, the lessons learned are in the Bank and will help to drive my future.

Mitt on awaiting next curve ball!


“Success if not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

Winston Churchill


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