Walking tall in heels!


This article really struck a chord with me as a “giant in heels”.


I spent a lot of my childhood unconsciously trying to be small, hunching my shoulders and doing my best to hide my size. Funnily enough it never really struck me until a charming guy with an ego the size of the Cosmos, went mental at me because I dared to wear heels to a date and was just a bit taller than him. It was one of the best stupid excuses ever

Quote “its bad enough the heels are high but did you have to wear the sparkly ones?” Let’s just say that night ended up with me at the Bar with a bunch of his friends and him sulking in the corner.

So do we need to choose to live our life in flats or embrace our inner Louboutin, tripping the light fantastic whilst endangering our ankles and avoiding nose bleeds because of the altitude? Or we can just dam well wear what we want and if whoever and whatever ego doesn’t like they can go Manolo their Blahniks!


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