Day 54: ❤❤❤ 07/03/2017 Small Changes


Are you one of those people who notices the slightest difference in a paint colour or if the beige carpet they delivered is not the beige you chose in the shop? Or do changes have to be slap you in the face, no longer blonde now brunette changes before you see the difference?

It’s funny how the outward signs are obvious, but can we tell when there has been a change to someone inside? I don’t mean the change from a B cup to a DD, more when a person has worked towards a shift in their attitude from a woe is me to a damn you world, hit me with your worst, I can cope. 

I had my hair cut today, the style pretty similar just a bit shorter and on my way back from seeing the ever fabulous Fraser at G20, I met a friend who I hadn’t seen in ages. The last time we met I had shoulder length hair but after the “fantastic to see you’ hugs, she took a step back and said “there is something different about you but I can’t quite put my finger on it”. I grinned back at her waiting on the obvious hair cut remark but instead she clicked her fingers and pointed at my face. “You are smiling! The last time I saw you was in a pub in Glasgow and you were one miserable girl”. As I walked away from her, I was desperately trying to think when it was, and when it clicked it all made sense.

It’s funny how many people have remarked on my change of outlook and not on the change in hairstyle. For me that is a huge compliment, it means that apart from the fabulous Fraser doing a great job, I have created a new style in me that fits my life and those around me. Don’t get me wrong, there are some who do not like it and have said so under the guise of “just being concerned”, I have learned the hard way on at least two occasions but this shift in my thinking is me. 

It takes time and often a wake up call to challenge yourself, however when that comes the ability to cope will be there, you just have be able to say damn you world, hit me with your worst!

Day 53: ❤❤❤ 06/03/2017 Inspiring

Monday! Kick starting a busy week with a visit to the amazing team at PEEK project in the East End of Glasgow. What an inspiring charity, the work they do with children and young people is amazing!

When you listen to someone like Melodie, PEEK’s CEO, the passion they have for their work is infectious and it can help to re inspire your own belief in yourself and others. I guess it is all too easy to look at the alarm and think whoa Monday, here we go again but sitting listening to the work that PEEK do and why, gave me a real shot in the arm.

We all believe in something whether it is the power of a God, that the double shot of caffeine will see us through till lunchtime or that the day we look at our worst, Bradley Cooper will walk round the corner and profess his undying love for the female scarecrow in front of him. Me? I believe that I can change my life for the better! Little changes like re focusing a Monday to mean more than a black cloud looming over a Sunday.







Day 52 : Yawn! ❤❤❤ 05/03/2017

5 am???? Seriously 5 am! My body clock has to be kidding me!


It wasn’t even a turn over and go back to sleep awakening. No, it was a get up and get stuff done alarm and the worst part was my brain agreed with my body. They were. for once, in sync at 5 am.

5 am on a Sunday!!!!!

Nothing for it but to get up, have a shower and find something to do quietly. I pulled out my to do list and by 7 am, I had started to build a new blog site, answered 13 emails, sorted and composed 10 Twitter templates and washed the dishes! I think I had breakfast to! Next walk time, 45 minutes thinks I, in the chilly sunshine. An hour and a half later, I am back at my flat!

Have I been bewitched?

Was there something in the gin I had yesterday?

Or is this a rebellion by my inner, ahem, athlete?

When we have that sudden sleep disturbance it knocks us for six, but for me when I wake up that early at the weekend with no alarm, no what did I forget to do, no can I smell smoke type fears, it feels really really odd. Isn’t it weird how we can’t accept that we are awake and ready to start the day. Instead we either try desperately to go back to the land of nod or spend the next two hours feeling our arms go numb as we check our phones, emails and messages. My theory is, that this is another part of the change I am going through. Hopefully it is having more energy so I might not need as much sleep as I used to. Whatever it is, guess I better get used to it.

Accept! Cope! Change! Challenge! Next week is going to be awesome!




Day 51 :Coaching with Yoda ❤❤❤ 04/03/2017

One of the things I have loved about being a part of the team at The Western Health and Racquets Club is learning how valuable the attitude of a coach to a player is. You might be the best tennis player in the world but that does not make you a good coach. Coaching is all about encouraging,”helping people to live their potential” and using positive language. So much of what sports coaches do can be translated into real life.

Take family for example, we live, eat, chat, argue, celebrate, encourage, support and commiserate with each other to name but a few, we are our own cheerleaders. Some family we may not see for a long while but the ease at which we fall back into conversation proves that the connections are always there. Some families are fractured or disfunctional causing a whole other set of issues and often that is when trouble sneaks in. I am very lucky, I come from a close and close extended family, we laugh and make fun of each other, we remember the past and look to the future with support in our mistakes and joy in our successes. This team is as important as that awesome coach is to a great player.

However, if you do not have your own mindset straight, no amount of coaching or cheerleader will help. If there is no determination to improve, the impact of any inspiration will be minimal and you will end up stuck. As Yoda might say the force to accept change is strong in you, young (?) Geraldine! Yes, O Wrinkly Wee One, but only after a lot of help, support, a willingness to open doors, close others and stand in the storm to face the day. Change is hard, we resist it as much as we can but eventually you need to step out into space, light sabre in hand

May the force etc etc etc



Day 50 : Gin please ❤❤❤ 03/03/2017

Friday! The day when most people sit at their desk and watch the hours count down till they can bolt out the office door to grab a passing gin and tonic. My Friday brain could have done with a gin at 8am this morning but even I would resist that. So coffee gulped, it was off to the Western Health and Racquets Club for a quiet space to work in the Member’s Bar


Today was all about challenging myself, planning and pulling together some ideas as well as looking at various opportunities that have come about this week. Coordination of diaries, following up on actions, calls and ticking things off on my list, it is like being back at work. As I have said before I have deliberately kept my head in the work space, getting up at regular hours, checking websites, agencies etc making looking for a job, my job. Even the voluntary work I am doing is keeping me busy and adding so many skills to my CV. I have learned a lot in the last few weeks professionally and personally. I keep thinking that this is all happening for a reason and I kind of now know what that is.

However back to today and it is the challenging part, Stretching time with GymGuyMark This class is getting tougher, just when you think you can stretch no more and you are lying there waiting on a SNAP sound, you find that your previously uncooperative legs find an extra millimetre. It looks like we are doing nothing but believe you me, we are working hard. Those poor hamstrings, glutes and whatever other strange parts of our bodies GGM makes us work are being forced to loosen up. When you have to hold the stretch for a minute or two at least, your entire body starts to shake as it tries to tell you to let go and flop on the floor but the stubborn part of you keeps going. I like this class, it is a real mind over matter exercise.

Did I just say I like an exercise class? That is it, gin time!!!!



Day 49 : Networking ❤❤❤ 02/03/2017

Up with the lark today! Very very busy, honestly I thought us unemployed people were supposed to be lying in till it is time for Jeremy Kyle and eating Pot Noodle for breakfast. So why am I up, showered, make up on and heading into the City Centre?


I had booked to attend the Communications Breakfast, a great and informative networking event in Glasgow, run by Creating Sparks. I haven’t been to one in a while and it is definitely time to get into proper, productive networking. It was a pretty inspiring event as the speaker was Russell Wardrop from Kissing With Confidence A very charismatic speaker who is not afraid to say what he thinks, Russell kept the audience engaged and interacting with him. If you get a moment read his blog Think Like Andy it will make you think. It was great to be back out again and talking all sorts of business as well as meeting some familiar faces. It gave my enthusiasm for ideas I have a boost and I spent the next hour sitting in my favourite Gordon Street Coffee, typing up and planning notes.

It was then off to lunch with a friend whose advice I trust. I am very blessed to have friends from so many walks of life. Their help and advice is invaluable and especially when you can have a great natter over a bowl of soup, it helps focus the plans and potential.


Yet another list made, I headed back home, walking to clear my head and sharpen that focus. You may have noticed, if you follow my FitBit, that I have not been wearing mine. This was deliberate decision as I have so much going on right now that a flippin wristband buzzing every 20 minutes or so was driving me nuts. So it has been ditched but will be back next week.

Today I realised that there are certain things I miss and that they need to be added to the ideas and goals I am setting. Taking the elements from the old and add them to the new!

Onward and keep learning!



Day 48 : Plan ❤❤❤ 01/03/2017

The Underground in Glasgow goes in a circle, you cannot go wrong! One way, inner and outer circle, not confusing at all. If only life went the same way, one direction with no detours.


Today started off great, walk done, avocado on brown toast for breakfast, meetings done, Core Session with GymGuyMark done and the list ticked off by 1pm. Polish my super duper planning halo, on fire today!!!!


Eh no! I had one further meeting in the City Centre and was well ahead of time, so a chill with a caffeine hit at Gordon Street Coffee was in order. And that my friends is where the circle went sideways. I took out my diary and checked what I had on my list for tomorrow and there it was, the post it note that had slipped. “REMEMBER TO CALL ***** AT 1.30PM ON WEDNESDAY” it was now well past 2pm!!!!! Ok, breathe, remember your ten minute trick and focus. Have you ever seen someone sit in the middle of a busy City Centre coffee shop, eyes closed, trying to meditate? Well the girl at the next table to me did. Focus restored, gulp of coffee taken, I made the call. Turns out that the person I was calling had left their mobile at home so I would not have got hold of them anyway. The point of all this was that my ten minute trick worked. If I had panicked called, I would have been a wittering mess and made no sense.

Lessons learned, stop using post it notes, set reminders, and combine calendars. Apart from this one little issue, today was a good day. The Core exercises are still a bit of a struggle because of my weak wrists but I have strengthening moves to try and help that.

Again, it proves that this 150 day challenge is really helping me. My focus is so much sharper and clearer, I know what stage of fitness I want to reach and I am becoming more and more aware of the effect certain foods are having on me. Perhaps I should add awareness to my Cope, Change, Challenge mantra.



Day 47: Too Many Tabs ❤❤❤ 28/02/2017

A friend said to me today that their brain felt like they had too many tabs open. She said that her entire life was like a bad internet connection, it keeps trying but cannot find the network.

I wonder how often we are convinced that we can juggle but we should really accept that, at this point, it is sit back and watch the show time. Or is it?

Who opens all those tabs? Who keeps them open or doesn’t bother to shut their laptop down because it is too much like hard work to restart?

I am about to restart! It is exciting but at the same time daunting. At 53 and a bit, it feels like the right time to reboot and put all the things I am learning from these 150 days to good use.

More soon but for now my focus is very much on rebooting, rebuilding and coping with MY choice to change and challenge!



Day 46: Motivate it Monday ❤❤❤ 27/02/2017

Woke up this morning motivated!


Belief! In myself, by others and the fact that there is a waist and slimmed down ankles.

It doesn’t take much to turn it round, focussing on where you want to go, what you want to do and perhaps discovering that the mind map you worked on ages ago is actually a reality and not just arrows and circles on a bit of paper. Revisiting blogs, notes and diaries really helps remind you of why you started down a path. It shows you that the decsions you made were right and that no matter how many times you are knocked back, you kept on trying.

Case in point! My ten minute rowing challenge, the first photo is my last three rows and the second one is today’s. 

Now I could get all upset and not see progress but I have not slipped back, I have kept the distance the same so that for me is a good thing. 

Positive Positive Positive