It’s tough being 55

Today was an incredibly tough day!

A rough night packed with a hormonal filled migraine, backed up by noisy neighbours and a fox squirrel screaming combo.

Sometimes it really feels like you are hitting a brick wall, you try everything to cope with the menopausal symptoms and the affect that the rise and fall of oestrogen has on you. But the frustration of feeling like you are going through a reverse adolescence is so tough to deal with.

– The screaming red, sweaty face when that internal central heating kicks in at the most unexpected times.

– The massive zit that somehow manages to bypass your carefully planned skin care routine

– The inflation of every part of your body meaning that you need to change your bra size every other day.

However despite all that, for me, I have realised that I need to go through this without HRT. I have experts I can talk to, family and friends who understand and a deep sense belief in myself.

Onwards #lifeat55 #ginorgym #copingwithmenopause


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