Bridget Gym’s Diary Sunday 1rst June 2014 Day 7

Day 7 ( half way point)

  • Awake: 7.30 am strange sleep, woke up with one trainer on having dreamt that I took part in a Triathlon
  • Breakfast: Tried a new 0% Greek yoghurt, blueberries and a few almonds


  • Snack : Starving about 10.30, cheat toasted bagel and skinny latte ( new yoghurt is nowhere near as filling as the Total)


  • Lunch: Carrot and Coriander soup, 2 slices brown toast, lots of water ( very thirsty today)
  • Exercise : Cardio session at Western Health and Racquets Club gym.  Did seven minutes each on the treadmill flat, cross trainer, rower, treadmill elevated and then bike. Wobbly legs and stiff shoulders afterwards though
  • Evening:  Chicken breast with a salad of grated carrots, broccoli, baby sweetcorn and spring onion
  • Today’s highs:  Praise from an unexpected source, thank you
  • Today’s lows : I felt a bit weird after my bagel, it was an unplanned carb fest that actually, although it was yummy, I didn’t enjoy

Tip of the day : When I do cardio by myself in the Gym I have started to set myself small targets, like my seven minutes today. I give myself a two-minute break between each machine which gives me time to get my breath back and sink enough water, try it is easier to cope.

So half way into my fourteen days, how do I feel? Well I think the answer lies in the bagel incident today, I thought my body was craving carbs when I saw it but actually it was the old eyes are bigger than the stomach feeling. I can definitely feel a difference changing my habits, planning out meals and shopping smart. I think the next few days are going to be hard because I have a couple of tough things to face but identifying my weak spots will help so I am prepared to cope.


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