Bridget Gym’s Diary Saturday 31rst May 2014 Day 6

Day 6


  • Awake: 6am, I know! Forgot to shut the curtains
  • Exercise: Quick walk down Hyndland Road, Byres Road then back up Great Western Road to blow away the cobwebs. Off shopping to Country Baskets with wee sis for bits and pieces for other wee sis’s birthday
  • Breakfast: Well more of a brunch, Granola, Fruit Compote and Natural Yoghurt at AvenueG on Great Western Road, a real treat.
  • Snack : Almonds, black  coffee
  • Lunch: About 2pm, peanut butter on brown toast
  • Exercise : Major self-inflicted cardio session at Western Health and Racquets Club gym. Really pushed myself, till the legs hurt, Sat down in the changing room afterwards and really struggled to get back up, nearly fell asleep


  • Snack: after gym latte and a bit of chat with the ladies in The Kitchen Window
  • Evening:  Grilled Salmon, spinach and a tsp of toasted hazelnuts. Light balsamic dressing
  • Today’s highs:  Had a complete BINGO/LIGHTBULB  moment, another Blog to come on that
  • Today’s lows : Overheard someone talking about me, felt like a bullied kid for a second then thought, f**k em! If that is all you have to talk about then what a sad life you have. Still had a wee emotional moment though, thank God for sunglasses.

Tip of the day : This is one majorly sad tip but wee ”tupperware” boxes and small freezer bags are a great help when you are planning your meals and snacks. Invest in good boxes with good seals on them

Tried coconut water again today, still not 100% sure if I like it yet, might need a bit more convincing


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