Bridget Gym’s Diary Monday 2nd June 2014 Day 8

Monday Monday

  • Awake: 5.30am still dreaming about running in a Triathlon … no likey
  • Breakfast: Total 0% Yoghurt with tbsp oatbran and blueberries,  huge black coffee
  • Snack : Almonds, cup of Earl Grey no milk
  • Lunch: Baked Tattie with own Chicken Curry ( made with little or no fat) Water
  • Exercise : Angry walk home, knackered and angry at myself for eating three wee choccy bics
  • Evening:  Homemade veg soup, veg cut really chunky
  • Today’s highs:  Give me a minute, sure I will find something …
  • Today’s lows : Eating those choc biccys through sheer stress. Man up G!

Tip of the day : Walk! Power walk, loud rock in your ears, lots of water to drink and sweat off the crap day … well well well, just found my high!

Nuff said about Monday, now onto Tuesday


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