Bridget Gym’s Diary Tuesday 27th May 2014 Day 2

Day 2


Thought I might struggle a bit today as I was really quiet tired from a sleepless night

  • Awake: 5.30am Coffee (Black)
  • Exercise: walked it to work, West End of Glasgow to the City Centre, nice morning. Met two nutters who sang me a song
  • Breakfast: 0% fat Greek yoghurt with tbsp nutty muesli, a handful blueberries and a teaspoon of honey at my desk with a decaff coffee
  • Snack: Nut mix
  • Lunch: Chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions with a light dressing
  • Snack: Blueberries
  • Exercise : Got off bus about half way home and walked through Kelvingrove Park.
  • Evening:  Home made carrot and coriander soup, two slices brown bread toasted
  • Today’s highs:  Still not hungry! Miracles seem to be happening and no cravings … except for a gin!
  • Today’s lows : Did not drink enough water today, caused a headache.

Today was a wee bit tough, forgot I was on a late shift so was in work far too early. Note to self, sort it!

Tip of the day : Dropped two frozen blueberries in my water by accident, turned out to be yummy especially if you pretend it is gin!



So far so good, early night tonight as busy day tomorrow followed by PT with GymGuyMark


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