Lights, camera, sweat!

I went to see The Great Gatsby last night with Hayley; I’d give it seven out of ten but sorry Leonardo, you are no Robert Redford! The weird thing is that since I saw the film, it is a song from another Robert Redford film that is stuck in my brain.


Cue Raindrops keep falling on my head from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

The leap from one film to another to another, a change from reality for a wee moment as I strolled down Elmbank Street this morning, pretending I was Katherine Ross in a lovely floaty dress riding a bike with Paul Newman. In reality I was in a grey suit, carrying a heavy handbag and a Gym bag, ah the romance! How many times do these tiny little moments take us out of ourselves and give us an intermission from real life? For a brief ten seconds we are the star or our own movie, taking our focus off our real day job and allowing us to think that yes, we could quite happily run off with Butch and Sundance to Bolivia, well after work of course!


The reality of our everyday lives weighs heavy sometimes. It isn’t like the movies, no one is going to yell cut, no make girl is going to run into your office and reapply your lippy and there is most definitely no soft focus on the lens.  And I have to say this was never more so than in our Metafit class tonight. It was less raindrops falling on my head and more sweatbeads flooding down my nose! There is no glamour in Metafit, it is one tough no holds barred horror movie with me in the role as the leading zombie. I can barely string an insult together to hurl at GymGuyMark let alone try to finish a set of exercises. There is no film star elegance in me trying to make my lazy butt “bunny hop” or persuade my legs that squat thrusts are a good Oscar-winning idea! Oh no, this is real life baby and right here is where you start paying … in sweat.”  Cue legwarmers!

Life may not be like the movies, the Metafit class is no glamourous fitness studio exercise dvd but what it is is real. Like life it is tough, it makes you feel exhausted, you sweat, you turn red and your legs end up like jelly but like any good movie script, if you learn the “lines” correctly, if you read them right and push yourself as far as you can go, the prize is not an Oscar but the glimpse of an ab in the mirror the next day.

So if you will excuse me I am going to finish off and go back to a wee bit of day dreaming while my aching body yells cut, that is a wrap for tonight.

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