Time to reboot

To reboot or not that is often the question you ask yourself when your laptop decides it is tired and needs a wee break. How long do you leave it before you start swearing at the top of your voice and threaten to chuck it out the window ? How long before your fingers hover over the control alt delete and then go straight for the task manager with the words “take that internet, I am shutting you down” spat out of your mouth. Just like that naughty PC how often does our own ‘drive’ start to overheat, over think and stress when we need to defrag or clear out our own life cache?  It would be amazing if we had the chance to do that in life. To be able to switch yourself off, let your battery go flat then power back up and allow your psyche to update and download all the new software you need to cope with the “viruses” life throws at you

Actually it is easier than you think. All you need to do is to find that place of calm, the space where you can clear your mind and refocus on life. Very often when we step back and rationalise, our thinking comes into focus and that irritating blip on our life screen disappears. Yes, I know easy for you to say G but believe you me, I may not have three kids, a dog and mortgage but I work very long hours and my time is precious.

So where do I power down? Well believe it or not it is on the one place that I need to power up. The treadmill! I discovered during my Kilt Walk training that when I am on the treadmill with my music in my ears I can zone totally out.  By focussing straight ahead of me with no tv on, I can chill my brain out with the help of everything from AC/DC to a little bit of Wagner! The key is to keep your focus and don’t be distracted. It is tough to do but I have found when I get into the right stride in my walking and I concentrate on my breathing, my mind clears out everything else. It is tough but like I keep saying, if I can do it, anyone can.

There is another way to reboot your life. Change your habits! I had a long chat with GymGuyMark tonight after Metafit about diet. The reason is that I have found a stunning dress to wear when I turn 50 but I would like to lose a bit on the tummy and perhaps sort out the arms a bit. GymGuyMark really knows his stuff when it comes to a ‘regime’ of any kind and he gave me some top advice about how to change my habits and what we will do in the Gym to compliment it. In other words, let’s shut down the bad apps and reboot the good ones!

This will not be easy but if I can focus the way I can on the treadmill then surely I can change my habits for the next two and a bit weeks.

Only time will tell!


PS I am apologising in advance for the whinging that will occur over the next two weeks.


  1. So is that Wagner as in the Ring Cycle, or Wagner as in the somewhat eccentric bloke from the X Factor?!

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