Four days and counting … Fifty!


Well, it is nearly here. On Wednesday 12th June 2013 I turn fifty!

Yes my friends, I have almost made it through my first half century and start heading into the next one.

How do I feel about it?

How will I feel about moving age boxes into the 50 – 59 category?

To be honest, it is just a number. Just like I have learned that it is nice to step onto scales and realize that you have lost weight but what the numbers do not show is how you feel. Our lives are so driven by numbers, stats and figures that sometimes we forget how we feel. We are driven by what a computer, a reading or a chart tells us and very often don’t actually listen to the one voice that means something, our own.

Part of me did dread hitting the big 50 but then I gave myself a really hard talking to. Every line, every emerging grey hair and every ache and pain that fifty brings have been earned. They are like badges of office that say I have survived  and I will continue to survive whatever life cares to throw at me. I am in the best shape physically that I have been in for a long time and mentally, I am getting stronger every day by learning to cope with life’s curve balls.

So this week, I am working on Monday then the rest of the week is mine. I have made no fixed plans because I want to be able to do what I want to do. So the actual number 50 may not mean that much to me but way back when I started this whole gym thing GymGuyMark asked me what my goal was in starting out on this Fitness type slog. My answer was that I wanted to look and feel fabulous when I turned fifty, and having survived various ups and downs over the last few years, this weeks blogs will be all about that, with some tennis thrown in!

Have a good Sunday


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