I’m a Gymophobe! Get me out of here !

Ok. let’s take these factors into account!

  • Long day at work
  • Freezing weather
  • Still on the cutting down on caffeine thing
  • No gym gear ready

So, any sensible person would have said, stuff it! PJ’s on, gin in hand, telly on and stuff your face in a cheesecake. The operative word being sensible. Not me, I jumped on a passing 44 bus, headed back to my flat, got changed and went straight down to the Western Health and Racquets Club Gym. I think I need help!

The Club was quite busy tonight, I think there was  squash match on and there were even a few hardy folks out on the tennis courts. I decided to change things about a bit and went straight up the stairs to the bikes. Music in, all warmed up and off we went. I have found an excellent version of Adele’s Fire To the Rain, the beat is exactly in time with the pace I set myself and it lasts for ages. Up to level 5 and feeling not too bad. I managed to keep up the pace for a full 12 minutes, then slowed myself down just a wee bit for the last three because my knees started to ache. However not to be put off by dodgy knees, it was the treadmill next.

I have developed the knack of completely zoning out on the treadmill. I fix my eyes on one spot in front of me and power walk towards it. Again the pace of the music I use is exactly right for me. I speed up when it does or up the incline when it slows down. The next thing you know, fifteen minutes is gone and your legs are screaming for a stretch.

So my friends, enough you might think for a recovering gymophobe working out minus GymGuyMark, but no. And I still can’t believe what I did next. I, yes me, on my own, no GGM around, went on the cross trainer voluntarily …. 5 minutes giving it welly, and then 2 minutes reverse stride. I think I better hand in my gymophobe badge now.

Why the madness you ask ? Why the sudden motivation to put this knackered old 49 and a half year old body through hell on a freezing Glasgow night ? Simple, I have a choice and I made it!

I am a still a Gymophobe but not in such a hurry to get outta there !


  1. Brilliant! Well done, you!!

    I went for my first review tonight; first time since my own personal guru left the club (not a PT but my mentor) – and altho’ I haven’t mastered the nutritional aspect of it (always a problem with the practical) there ARE results!

    Wahey! Onwards and downwards!

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