December Days … the first one!

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The beginning of December means different things to us all. For many of us it is the start of the list making, the house cleaning, the ‘oops can’t buy that I got her that last year’ and for parents the ‘no, Santa isn’t on his way yet’. It can be a pretty stressful time.

Me? I love the first of December, it is one of my favourite dates in the year.  It means I get to gut out my untidy room, haul out the decorations box and pray that the tree lights will last for one more year. Wakening up this morning to a frosty day makes it even more special. Apologies but I am a Christmas fan, I just love it. However this year I have set myself a wee challenge and along with a little help from a few folks, will be blogging every day throughout December. The Blogs are designed to give advice, make you smile and make you think.

Today’s is quite simple and a wee December challenge for everyone. When you go to do your shopping, why not replace that indulgent snack. My downfall is bread, especially bagels! So, for the whole of December, instead of my favourite onion bagels in my shopping basket, I am going for fruit. Oranges, to be precise, to keep the old Vit C levels up. Sometimes the simplest of changes can make the biggest difference.


Good luck and let me know what you all decide to change

I hope you enjoy the Blogs and here is to a happy and safe December.

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  1. Strange, isn’t it? Without thinking about it being December 1st I, too have made changes.
    Wednesday saw my first evaluation at the Gym: –
    – flexibility – improved
    – waist – reduced by 3.5cm
    – hips – reduced by 1cm
    – arms pretty much the same, thighs slightly larger (blame the adductor / abductor machine!)
    – weight – no change at all.

    Stern talking to on taking notice of the nutrition advice … I pointed out I could get a First in the theory… but anyhow, resolved to improve intake of water, fruit and vegetables and decrease intake of carbs.
    Shopping uber healthy.
    Today – started the day with a banana before going to the gym and then actually said no to carbs with dinner and just had slow-cooked chicken with mushroom and cherry sauce created by Mr W, and mixed veggies – and …. enjoyed every morsel. All that was left was the oregano sprig and the chicken skin!

    Evaluation to take place again in 3 weeks so will let you know how that goes. 🙂

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