The Morning After !

You know that Monday morning feeling when the alarm goes off; you fumble around in the dark for your specs to try to find the button to switch the damn thing off? You know your glasses are there somewhere but you can’t quite find them? Well imagine that feeling in your legs as I got out of bed this morning. I knew they were still there but it felt like they belonged to someone else. It is a well-known fact that I cannot function in the morning without my first cup of coffee, but I am afraid not even the blessed bean could save me this morning. My legs felt like I had been sat on by an elephant reading a very large book.

However being a good girl I remembered my stretches taught to me by the ever patient, GymguyMark. On Monday night I found it hard to feel the stretch in my hamstrings but oh dearie me, did I feel it this morning. Not sore but like a Mama Grizzly Bear woken too early from her hibernation, they were in a bad mood and someone was going to pay. These poor muscles and other things ( I did pay attention to your drawing Mark honest) have been nicely sitting, slumbering inside my legs and arms, dozing quite happily until I woke them up last night. But I decided to ignore the stiffness and walk it to work.

Good plan, going well, walking at a nice pace until someone put steps in front of me. Steps I climb every day of my working week but today, not even Ed Hilary and a mountain of Sherpas could get me up this Everest. The old hamstrings were making me pay for making them work. Stairs climbed, staggering into Starbucks, revived! Just when I was thinking I can do this keep going girl, I arrive at work only to find that today is the day they decided to maintain the lifts so 6 more flights of stairs beckon. It is at this point that the bannister and I became the best of friends, and the arm muscles that had been worked on the cross trainer decided to start grumbling as well.

It took a long time to get up the 6 flights but the one thing it did bring home was that I have definitely made the right decision to do this Gym thing. Yes, I am stiff and a wee bit ‘tender’ but it doesn’t hurt the way I thought it might. I made sure I got up from my desk more than I would normally and even had a sneaky wee stretch in the loo in the afternoon. So grudgingly I admit, I am looking forward to going back on Monday night because if we go by the old if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger quote, I should either be dead or be able to climb Everest. Either way these hamstrings have been shaken into life and they ain’t going back to sleep. I on the other hand am !



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