Promises, Promises … Oops I did it again!

I finally kept a self promise I made to myself  months ago!  It was during a time of huge stress when I made the deal. I told myself that if I did one thing I could have a fish supper and a glass of wine while I sorted things out. Guess what? I did a half arsed job and gave up to watch some crap TV and zone out with the rest of the wine. I beat myself up for days about this and watched as an opportunity skipped by me.

So what changed ? Why did I suddenly decide a few months later to finish the job? Another bottle of wine? Another fish supper?

Actually it is much simpler than that, all it took was someone sending me a text that said “well I believe in you, read this and remember it” 

So I have thought, believed, dreamt and finally dared! Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can start again, cliche I know but in this case so true.

Apologies dear readers but I broke the promise at the start of this Blog series to keep a promise and it feels good!

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