1. One of the most effective ways to succeed is to go after the person you wish to become rather than move away from the person you no longer want to be. Consider all the positive aspects of where you want to be and work towards it 🙂

    1. Thank you Steve! I am working hard with my counsellor to get my thinking straight and Mark has kindly offers to help me sort out a workout at home, means I can use that till the confidence returns.

      1. How much confidence would you like to have? What would you be able to do with the confidence you want that you can’t do just now? When you think about a confident you, are you able to try it on for size to see how it would feel? If so, how does it feel?

      2. Part of my struggle is related to ongoing anxiety and depressions issues. This is all part of a much longer and deeper tough struggle that I have chosen to work on with my counsellor. For many years I kept a door closed that I should have opened and addressed what came out but it only now that my head is getting into the right space to answer theses questions and more.

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