One day and counting … Fifty

So what do you do the day before you turn 50?

Do you spend the day being pampered? Shopping? Eating out Me? I had a blissful long lie in then I hit the gym at The Western Health and Racquets Club, Hyndland Road. Due to a very busy week at work last week, I didn’t make the Gym at all, so had to make do with walking an average of 5 miles a day instead. So I was part dreading, part looking forward to today’s session.

I started off with a 45 minute power walk on the treadmill and I am pleased to say that at a speed of 6.7 km/h ( I think) I managed to keep my time for 3 miles well under the 45 minute mark. I kept the incline flat because I knew I would be doing weights later. The music today was courtesy of AC/DC, nothing like a bit of classic rock to get the legs moving.

I was a but dubious about the weights side of things when GymGuyMark appeared beside me spinning a basketball on his fingers. It turns out that this is another one of his many skills. Basketball and showing off, that is! Turns out the basketball was for our first exercise, we started off throwing the basketball and gradually moved up to heavier exercise balls. That was one tough exercise. When GymGuyMark explained how to throw the ball properly to get the best effect on my arms, it was really tough. The rest of today’s session was all about my arms and waist. All designed to help make sure I look fabulous in my dress on Saturday night. I think I did not too bad for someone who missed almost a week and a half of Gym time, apart from when I had to stop because breakfast was threatening to reappear.

Session over I was discussing times for a PT session tomorrow with GymGuyMark, I happened to remark that it was some way to celebrate your 50th birthday by going to a Metafit class when he said something I had not thought about. “Try turning it around and think about the fact that you are 50 and you can DO a Metafit class.” The Gym Guy spins basketballs and talks sense … for once !

So tomorrow is the big 50 and it will be a quiet one, a wee glass of fizz with my breakfast then a tidy up of my messy room followed by yet more gym, Metafit and chat.

Come on then 50 bring it on!

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