December Days … a well earned drink!

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Yes, Friday at last!

Many of us will be off out partying tonight trying not to misbehave in front of the Boss or embarrass yourself by dancing like a two-year old!

But what of those of staying home on Friday night, how about becoming a cocktail expert and mixing up a few lethal combinations?

A Sparkly Gin Cocktail

2 fl ozs of gin


1 sugar cube ( I like brown sugar for this)

half a lemon squeezed for the juice


Shake together the gin, sugar cube, lemon juice and ice, starin into a cocktail glass or a whisky tumbler and top up with bubbly.

My fave the Cosmo

  • 35ml/1½fl oz vodka
  • 15ml/½fl oz orange liqueur
  • squeeze fresh lime juice
  • 25ml/1fl oz cranberry juice
  • twist orange peel, to garnish
  • The vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice and cranberry go into a cocktail shaker, then fill with ice. Shake it baby and then strain into a cocktail glass
  • If you want to show off then hold the piece of orange peel over the glass and carefully flame with a match. If you haven’t singed it to a frazzle then drop in the glass! The orange peel, not the match

Or the very yummy Chocolate Raspberry Martini

  • 1 1/2 ounce raspberry vodka
  • 1 ounce white creme de cacao
  • Chill your ingredients beforehand. Pour them into a chilled martini glass – no need to stir or shake or anything.
  • You could dust some cocoa over it or perch a raspberry on the side. I like to freeze the raspberries and float them on top

This one is delicious and very addictive, it is called a Poinsettia


a shot of  Cointreau

3 fl ozs cranberry juice

Put the Cointreau and cranberry juice in a chilled champagne flute.

Stir them and top up with champers.

To make it stronger you could a shot of vodka or tequila

Or avoid alcohol all-together, replace the champagne with ginger ale. (yeh right)


And finally for you non alcohol types, a mocktail or two

A friend of mine made this once, she called it a Holly Berrie

500g strawberries, hulled
A wine glass full of cranberry juice
5 wine glasses of lemonade
Put strawberries and cranberry juice in a blender, Blend until smooth.

Pour into 4 tall glasses and top with the lemonade. Decorate with more fruit

And then a delicious Berry Punch, this is also yummy warm, just leave out the soda water

1½ litres raspberry cranberry juice
3 wine glasses soda water
1 to 2 limes, squeezed for the juice, keep the peel as a granish
1 punnet raspberries
1 punnet blueberries
1 bunch of mint, tear up
1 extra lime, thinly sliced
1 bottle ginger ale or ginger beer.
Add the whole lot into a large jug or punch bowl and watch it disappear

strawberry cocktail

I have personally tried all these recipes (hic) and can vouch for them all being yummy and very very moreish

Enjoy and stay safe !


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