December Days … let’s get those legs ready to party

new hearder

Ok guys, it is get the legs ready time!

Many of us will be out for office parties, nights out and lots of general merriment, but do you ever think what you put your poor pins and tootises through ? We girls are so guilty of buying that fab pair of heels then not wearing them till our night out … and the next day … ouch ouch ouch!

So with a little help from GymGuyMark and the lovely Rae from Aurora Therapy, here is our guide to getting those feet and legs, party ready!

Firstly, the new shoes! Wear them about the house or office with a thin pair of socks on, this slighty widens them so hopefully they won’t rub too much. This will also get your calf muscles used to the height but remember not too wear them for too long! Test out what gel inserts you might need and where you might need them.

Secondly, keep your feet in good knick. Toe nails neat and keep your legs moisturised. Again sounds daft but it does help. Rae advises a lively leg blend of  base oils, Cypress, grapefruit & rosemary diluted in a carrier oil. Great for the circulation and should be applied twice, every morning & night, using an upward movement. And it smells Christmassy!

Finally, yup we had to crowbar a bit of exercise in there, GymGuyMark’s tips for top party legs

  • One of the best things you can do if you work at a desk, is buy yourself a cheap kid’s plastic ball!
  • This under the desk will gives you hours of footsy practice or on a more beneficial side, work all the little muscles that surround the ankle and foot, the hamstring and inner thighs.
  • All you have to do is play with it under the table, remember to change legs and just rock it back and forth.  Grip it with both feet and squeeze and lift and extend legs.
  •  It’s that simple and will help with stress, fatigue and give your co workers something to talk about.
  •  On top of that a curvy calf in the new heels always look good,
  • Here is one of the best and simplest ways to work your calves.

heel legs

  • Standing on a stair with your heels over hanging, push down through your toes raising your heels up to full height pos and lower.
  •  Repeat this 15 times and rest for 30 secs and repeat for 20 reps.
  •  Try and do this 3 times a week, anywhere home, work or train station.
  •  While we are on the subject of heels, if you are in them for hours you, must must must stretch them out or the muscle will become tight and inflexible.
  •  Just stand on the stairs and similar to above, drop the heels behind or try the standard calf stretch as below.  Hold for at least 1 min.

stretch one

Very simple but straight forward advice but hopefully it will help think again about your legs and feet so you have a pulled muscle, blister free Christmas.

Coming up soon, how to look after the morning after the night before Blog …


You can get in contact with Rae through Twitter on @AuroraTherapy or email me and I’ll pass on your details.

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