Sniffles, weights and Princess Anne

There are times in our lives when nothing beats a good cry. An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr is my excuse to ball my eyes out, usually watched when I am in my PJ’s, accompanied by a nice chilled glass of plonk, several choccies and a nice warm duvet. A proper cry, sniffles and all, can clear your head or make you want to stick your head in the gas oven, the film or book can remind us of past loves, gits that made our lives a misery or just that we are single and stuck in on a Friday night! Sad!

So then, in the absence of Cary Grant, what was it that made me want to blub like a baby after the Gym tonight? Was it the agony in my arms after GymGuyMark got me to work them really hard? Was it the cramp in my hands when I was pulling the weights? Or perhaps the fact that GGM upped the sit ups to forty?  Nope, none of these and I still don’t know what it was. The minute I left the Gym and got up onto Hyndland Road I could feel the sob hitting my throat; I was not unhappy or sad, just for some reason totally emotional. What on earth is it about working out that affects our emotions so much? I have seen a person get incredibly angry when they fail to lift a weight and others who get really annoyed because they can’t make their PB on a run, is it the sheer frustration with our inabilities or perhaps it is just another form of emotional release. Exercise sometimes brings out a side often not seen, perhaps it is the rush of adrenalin that brings on the highs and lows, whatever it is we do need to be careful not to let it affect us or put us off from our goal.

I have often heard people say “he needs to man up”! Why? Why not let a tear roll and allow your emotions to show, for most of us working out is bloody hard work, so why should we not be allowed a misty eye?

Anyway I am fine, the emotion was soon wiped away by the sight of several police outriders on motorbikes with flashing blue lights, escorting Princess Anne. Wonder if she was on her way to the Western Gym for a weights session with GGM or maybe she fancied a fish supper from Pizza Magic? Whatever it was, the sight of those blue lights lifted my blues and it was time to walk on home in the chilly West End air.

Till the next sniff!

Geraldine x

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