Dizzy disappointment

Woke this morning feeling great, nice long lie, leisurely breakfast and nothing to do but spend the whole morning on me. Perfect, day off! So heading down to the Western Health and Racquets Club, in the leafy West End of Glasgow for my Tuesday session with GymGuyMark, I was feeling in good form and actually looking forward to working out.

I did nothing different from my usual treadmill, rowing, bike and cross trainer but somewhere between finishing cardio and heading up the stairs to do some weights, my vertigo kicked in. I felt a wee dizzy spell at the top of the stairs but thought nothing of it, however when I finished my first set of exercise with the kettle weight the world started to spin. Now these days I do not give up quite as easily as I used to, that determination thing kicks in and I tend to be able to work through it (unless it is my knees and that’s a no no). However I started to realise that when I actually felt sick it might be time to put the brakes on. Having said all that I did manage all the kettle exercises that GymGuyMark set me but the thought of doing sit ups actually made me feel ill. The good thing about having a PT like GymGuyMark is that he knows me well enough to figure out that I wasn’t kidding. The cold sweat running down my back signalled that it might be time to stop.

So after a few stretches it was time to stop, a quick chat with Krista in the bar then a slow walk home.

To be honest I think what made this worse was that I was disappointed in myself at not being able to complete the full session. I know what I am capable of and, I can’t believe I am saying this, can do the sit up reps GymGuyMark sets me. So not to be able to do them kind of got to me.

Any road up, onward and upwards, tomorrow is another day, forget today and refocus on tomorrow.


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  1. I get random little attacks for no obvious reason, the doctor told me to keep a packet of travel sickness pills with me and take a dose when needed. xxx

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