Into space and back in one evening !

I have a question for you. How many times have you looked at the sky and wondered what it would be like to up there looking down at us?

My first ever experience of the moon was from the poem that I had in a story book

The Moon by Eliza Lee Fallen

O, look at the moon!
She is shining up there;
O mother, she looks
Like a lamp in the air.

Last week she was smaller,
And shaped like a bow;
But now she’s grown bigger,
And round as an O.

Pretty moon, pretty moon,
How you shine on the door,
And make it all bright
On my nursery floor!

You shine on my playthings,
And show me their place,
And I love to look up
At your pretty bright face.

And there is a star
Close by you, and maybe
That small twinkling star
Is your little baby.

I have never forgotten it, weird how words and images stick in your head and when someone mentions a phrase, it pops instantly back into your head. An image that can shape your life or thinking! Last night, along with GymGuyMark and Krista from Western Health and Racquets Club, I was privileged to hear Michelle Ham speak at 29Studios in Glasgow. Michelle is an Astronaut Instructor; yes you read that right, who worked for NASA for many years in various roles. To listen to her passion for her subject and her enthusiasm for Space would soften even the biggest cynic. The images on the video she brought with her were amusing, breath-taking and are going on above our heads every day.

Three things she said stood out for me and I am sure others who were at 29Studios to hear her speak.

  • Without great risk there is no reward
  • Don’t just think outside the box – throw the box away
  • Desire, determination and passion are all that you need to achieve your dreams.

Just take moment to think about these three simple statements and how you can easily translate them into your life. For me it goes like this

  • Push that extra bit at the Gym, take the risk to push through the ‘burn’ and see what happens
  • Look outside the box I live in, what else is going around me that might stretch me physically, emotionally and psychologically
  • Determination? box ticked! Desire? Time to think about what I want to really achieve in this trek through life, Passion? Focussing on what really is my passion in life, instead of being a typical Gemini!

So the next time you look up at the moon, just think about the men and women who have made that incredible journey up there and the teams of people behind them. The faith and courage it takes to step into that space suit is immeasurable so if they can do that what can I do every time I step into my trainers?????


For more information on Michelle and her work visit or

Follow @spacechelle or @Msg2theMoon on Twitter

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