Day 34 Core Values

If I asked you to define your core what would you say?  Apart from fruit related meanings, the dictionary has it as “the part of something that is central to its existence or character.” Or as a friend once put it, “it is the bit on the middle of you that defines who you are”. Many firms and organisations use their core values as a means to promote who they are and what they do so I guess it is a pretty central message.

I have been lucky in the past to have worked with firms who do actually work to their core values and make them central to their message. During my time at 29studios I grew to understand exactly what it meant to “love what we do” and seeing it put daily into practice and  inspire others to follow where they lead. Even in day to day life I see coaches on the tennis courts and squash courts putting their core values to work to help inspire the champions of tomorrow to reach their potential using enthusiasm and encouragement to inspire and promote belief.

All this said today’s core values were of the more physical kind but at the same time all about belief. GymGuyMark has started free classes for members at Western Health and Racquets Club and todays was all about the core! Now at present mine is currently hiding under a nice layer of flab so when I started some of the moves and exercises, well it was not too happy. It was like the bit in Star Trek where Scotty yells at Kirk that the warp core cannae take it Captain. Meltdown time! Trying to find that mixture of balance and strength is tough and as GGM explained, it takes practice. Cue homework in balancing and strengthening! 

So to find your core in any part of your life takes focus, practice and belief, a great life lesson to be applied and to use as part of your own values. 


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