Daft Beginnings!

The definition of daft in the dictionary is

  • silly,
  • foolish,
  • crazy: have you gone daft?

It is one of those words that just sounds like what it is and is often used to great effect, particularly when I realise that I have just filled a carrier bag far too full and it bursts all over Great Western Road, daft bat! When I think about the number of times I have used the d word either giving myself a talking to or trying to convince myself that the crap thoughts/doubt in my head is just daft, it reaches hundreds. Yet when that daft doubt creeps in and questions your ability to cope with things, it becomes much more than silly, foolish or crazy.

The daft thought that started this Blog was based on something that never actually happened. I was on the treadmill, doing my usual speed, and started to feel light-headed. My mouth went dry, my legs felt like jelly and my balance started to go, I did not feel good. So it was decision time, do I stop and calm myself down or push on and try to work through it? My poor brain had now gone well beyond the daft thought and had me disappearing off the back of the treadmill, clattering my head off the floor resulting in a severe concussion. (THIS DID NOT HAPPEN). What did happen was that  I came to my senses and realised that I was now walking at a faster pace than I had ever done before and that I was in fact experiencing a lot of the physical issues that I used to when I started this whole Gym slog! So although I am much fitter and losing bits of ‘padding’ all over my body, I need to realise that every time I use a heavier weight or increase my speed other parts of me will start complaining.

I guess every time we push ourselves in life, whether in the Gym, in work or at home, we do experience new physical and emotional feelings. It is how we handle those ‘daft’ thoughts and how we act to resolve them and cope that is important.

Here’s to new aching muscles and yet more jelly legs!




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