December Days … The Houseworkout!

new hearder

We all hate it but it has to be done, the H word!


So with the help of GymGuyMark, lets try and turn the H word to our advantage and help get the muscles moving and the legs toned!

house 1

When it comes to house work no one can say it’s not a chore, but let’s make it more of a ‘houseworkout’  and try to put a bit of enjoyment back into it. (this also helps to save time if you can’t get to the Gym GC)

Start with a check of the house with a little bit of a pace (warm up), a quick scan around the rooms then up the stairs to check what needs done and back down to the living room or some where with a bit of space.

Stretch, holding for about 20 seconds (see previous Blogs for stretching advice)





Start with dusting the high areas.  Reaching right up and stretch out as much as you can, use the wall to balance and get right up onto your toes! Try and stretch out like this at least 15-20 times, just be a bit OCD if you need to make up the reps.

Now I know this will sound a bit odd but take a brush and brush the floor before you hoover it, this will get your waist working more and you won’t believe how hard it is till you do it.  Start up the stairs then all the way down, or at the top of the hall if you are in a west end flat! Left side, right side, left side, right side (this is a good chance to put on a cheesy Christmas tune and have a bit of a boogie while you clean GC)

Now get the hoover out and with every push, try a big lunge forward, alternating from left to right legs (keep it even).

 house lunge

Ok, now let’s think about how often you bend over in a day?

If you are after nice firm strong thighs, squat to the level instead of bending.  This will make a massive difference not just to the strength of your legs but the look of them to, and don’t worry they wont get big and muscley.

If your feeling brave and want to impress then this last one is for you!

house abs


Clean the floor by hand, keeping your elbows locked, stretching out in front and using your abs to pull you back! (This hurts but I have tried it and it works GC)

Finish off with a good stretch holding this time for 30 secs to a 1minute.

Good luck and keep fit!

GymGuyMark aka Mark McLaughlin

You can get in touch with Mark on Twitter @gymguymark or via The Western Health and Racquets Club


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