December Days … the fourth one !

new hearder

Hey, that was Monday so let’s say hello to Tuesday.

So far, I have replaced an indulgent snack and cut down on the caffeine, what next?

Well my little snowmen and women, my next wee challenge is to walk that little bit extra.

It is very simple, instead of taking the lift or the escalators, take the stairs. Instead of going to your usual bus stop, get up early and walk to the next one. When you are sitting watching the telly, do a wee bit of stretching of those legs and arms or why not switch it off and invent a keep fit game with kids. Try taking the stairs two at a time, yes it looks silly but boy does it work those legs!


It is so easy to walk that little bit extra; I think too often we get conditioned with “I can’t be bothered”, “it is too wet outside” or “SNOW”! Get out there, splash in the puddles, chuck a snowball or two, get the old heart racing and breathe in that fresh air.

snow boy

Just one thing, if you go out walking at night, please remember to be seen and don’t walk alone. yes, doing that wee bit extra is great but so is being safe!


snows 2


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