December Days … start the week !

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So here we are at the start of another week, Monday 3rd December 2012.

How are you going to start this week? Full of “oh no it’s Monday, it’s cold and I would rather be in bed” or “hey Monday do your worst, I am ready”. Me? I am a mixture of the two, ready for Monday to hit me with whatever its best shot is but would rather be in bed when it does. Sometimes Mondays are like the New Year, we start the week full of good intentions and a fridge full of healthy foods but by Friday we are on the phone to order take out.

So let’s think of one thing again that we can change one thing that might just help us to feel a bit healthier and perhaps even lighter. Why not replace that mug of coffee with something else? Ok ok, I know, little Miss Coffee Addict here preaching about cutting down on caffeine! But I can with my hand on my heart say that I have done just that. I have massively cut my caffeine intake down and genuinely, and grudgingly, do feel better for it. I have replaced 2 mugs a day with either herbal or Earl Grey tea, so have also cut back on the milk as well. I am now working towards the next two and it is not easy! And don’t give me the try decaff thing, it does not work!


So another wee challenge for you until the 24th December, replace that large latte or diet coke with something else, plain water or a nice fresh tasting cuppa. There is so much choice out there that I am quite sure there is something to suit everyone. If I can cut the caffeine from 6 or 7 mugs a day, down to four then anyone can!

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