Consider the Pyramids … The next step

So you have made that all important decision to make a change, whether it is to start swimming or up your weight training, taking that first step up the ‘pyramid’ is one of the hardest to make.  But we are not stopping there, the next thing to consider, according to Maslow is SAFETY.

In this case the definition of safety can mean several things. It can reflect how you feel in your environment, do you feel safe when you use the machines in the Gym, are you lifting the correct weights, do you have the trust in your Personal Trainer or Gym instructor that he/she has you on the correct programme? It is very important that you deal with these thoughts as they can quickly become negative and discouraging. Talk to your PT and discuss your fears. According to GymGuyMark “it is very important that you trust your PT or gym advisor; this should help you feel secure and that you are on the right track”. You should be able to “trust the expert and if not, you need to ask yourself why”.

Trust is incredibly important and it also applies to YOU. You need to trust yourself and in your abilities to reach whatever goal you have set yourself.

One other thing to consider when we are talking about SAFETY and that is the freedom it brings. When we feel safe in our environment it creates a sense of freedom, a sense of belief that we can reach for the top of the pyramid and that if we falter we have the ability to start again. When we hit the dreaded exercise plateau, that place where the bingo wings aren’t toning up, the tummy is still flapping or we just can’t lift that heavier weight, where do you look? Back at the plain flat land stretching behind us or towards the next steps to a better view? Freedom gives us that choice safe in the knowledge that we have come this far, and what is another pyramid to climb! Easy!

Finally, let’s think stable! Our whole pyramid would not stand unless its base was secure and stable, so what does stability bring to us? I asked this question on Twitter the other night and the answers all seemed to centre on one thing, balance!

  • “Starting an exercise programme has made me think about my work life balance, I have had to make myself make time for the Gym … me time!”
  • “I can now do the things I want to, run with my children and go swimming without losing my breath”
  • “My health is more stable, various issues I had are now under control”
  • “I have a better life balance, the exercise has lessened my stress levels and I have been told that I am a calmer person to live with”
  • “I was never very good at making friends, I now meet two girls regularly at the Gym and we chat on the treadmill”
  • “I don’t have to go home early on nights out. My stamina had increased and I can throw the shapes on the dance floor till all hours”

So no matter what the benefits, feeling safe in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing certainly brings a sense of security, freedom and balance. For me, safety means the recovery from Gymphobia is well on its way and I have the freedom to start to do more of things I want to.

Feel safe out there people!


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