Consider the Pyramids – the Support role !

Ok people, step 4 on our ‘pyramid’ travels. Mr M has this as BELONGING – LOVE, so how do we apply that to our fitness regime or exercise programme. Well for me this all about SUPPORT and LOVE!

Firstly SUPPORT, when we make any kind of change in our life, the support of family, friends or community is vital. Yes, I know there are those of you who prefer to go it alone but now and again it is good to know that you have a support network there if you need it. Whether it is the support of an online community, a gym buddy or a proud parent when anyone recognises and acknowledges there has been a visible change in you, it really helps motivate and to keep going progressing up that pyramid.  Not forgetting the support of your Fitness Advisor or Trainer, this is vital to help you improve.  They are the ones who should be encouraging you to step out of that comfort zone but in the knowledge that you have their full support behind you. The sense of belonging that a good Gym or Exercise Class can create can really help you focus on your goal. Just knowing that someone else is as uncoordinated as you or struggles with same machine, can reassure that it is ‘not just you’!

Secondly, and for me most importantly, you need to LOVE you and what you are trying to achieve. As a recovering Gymophobe this is one of the hardest things for me to do, when it dawns on you that you might actually be enjoying lifting weights till your muscles are on fire or that the 20 minutes on the treadmill at The Western Health and Racquets Club has become your chill time, maybe you are actually beginning to love it. Getting to know the new YOU, to remain focused on how well you are doing and the way you look (yes, even when the sweat is dripping off you) is tough. For anyone, who like me, is terrible at accepting compliments, it can be torture. But my friends, we worked damn hard to get to where we are on this slog up the Pyramid so pat yourself on the back and go buy a new dress. Always remember that you need to look after yourself. Remember to stretch before and after you exercise, get plenty of rest, drink loads of water and try to eat well but if you slip don’t beat yourself up, just get back on that climb again! Everyone needs a ‘slip’ now and again to remind us that we are human!

Just remember that life is all about balance, hence to do the Gin I need to do the Gym!

Love and support


PS Homework for you – think of someone you need to say thank you, hold that thought and read tomorrow’s Blog

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