The Perils of the Plateau

And so my friends, another weigh has come and gone and I have stayed exactly the same, nothing on and nothing off! All my efforts at the Gym at Western Health and Racquets Club and watching what I eat, seem to have been in vain. I have plateau’d!

Now normally I would be quite happy with this state of weight, after all this whole trek (I hate the journey word) was all about balance, to have the gin we must do the Gym, but for some reason as GymGuyMark will testify, I was not a happy bunny! I am not sure what I expected but I guess I thought that at least a couple of pounds would have been shifted.

So what is the next step? Do I accept that possibly I have reached the weight most suited to me at my stage of life? Do I go on a complete health kick and ditch the bad in favour of good, including alcohol? (faints) Or do I simply soldier on and just buy heavier Lycra underwear? Well a few months ago the other me would have decided lets just keep doing the same routine at the Gym, keep eating what I want and to hell with it but a two silly wee things happened.  A few nights ago  the determination that I seem to have in the deepest reserves of my laziness appeared back. The gym session I had with GymGuyMark felt amazing, the treadmill took little or no effort, the rowing machine, now my new favourite, was done and dusted with relative ease and for some reason the whole session, including the sit ups went really well. Agony, yes but I coped! Wobbly legs on the way home but I coped!  Then on Friday night, I went out and I wore a dress with very little help from Gok underneath!  Brave move but I did it!

So the plateau might be a tough place to be, physically and emotionally, or for others a comfort zone to sit down in and make a cuppa but, to use one of my well hated phrases, if I can get to the end of it and start hurtling down the hill, anyone can. If I can decide to move that contented backside of mine from one level to the next anyone can. Plateau’s maybe flat but they are a flipping struggle to master. It just takes a wee bit of determination, a good GymGuy, a wee black dress and a mass of courage to take your feet out of the pedals and go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the way down the other side!



  1. Now here’s the thing – quite often when the weight doesn’t budge it’s because other bits have been re-organising themselves… so you may well have lost inches / gained shape/tone – which means, as you’ve said, you keep going and see what next month brings.
    You ARE an inspiration 🙂

    1. Thanks Kells, my weight may not have changed but my vital statistics have. Not so much inspiring as perspiring, kind of figure if I can sweat this much and improve then anyone can!

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