Working it out : Anxiety

If I asked you what the face of anxiety looks like,what would you say? If you Google it this is what you get




Yet the majority of us who battle any kind of heightened anxiety on a day-to-day basis look normal. We don’t sit in corners crying or run down the street screaming, we get on with our lives until that day when it all gets too much. Your whole world feels totally disabled, the simplest task takes about three days to complete, in my case a passport application form, and you are convinced that the safest place in the world is under your duvet with a tonne of jaffa cakes and your teddy bear. Asking for help feels like you are giving in and weak, that you are back at the start of all you have learned about coping with anxiety and most of all you start to feel that you are letting everyone down, hence the deep dive under the duvet.

It takes a huge amount of effort and dare I say courage to admit that you need help. And as for showing weakness, well maybe you are but it is the right form, you are letting the world know that you genuinely cannot cope just now. That the shaky hands and tears are not attention seeking but are genuine and caused by real fears exaggerated by anxiety.

For me, it is all about getting the right people behind me,

  • a good GP who understands you and your history.
  • a good counselor or therapist who will help you understand yet challenge your perceptions of where this is all coming from.
  • family and friends who know and understand what you are going through and will allow you to be you and be there with a hanky or a latte.

Yet again it is all about the team, whether it’s members are there consciously or unconsciously doesn’t matter. It is the fact that they are there.

So right now the face of  anxiety looks like this … Me! Exactly the same as always just slightly shaky, on pills and off work but not for long. I have the right people, I am finding the right tools and finding the right answers to my questions. It just takes time!



  1. Take each Day as it comes.good or bad, I hope the good will outnumber the bad .sending good wishes for you.xx.

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