Ready, steady, what next ?

On the train home tonight, I sat opposite a guy who was reading Running & Being: The Total Experience by George Sheehan. I had never heard of this book before and being a bit of a nosy type, I asked him if it was any good. He said that it had been recommended to him as he had had a serious operation on his right leg and was struggling with his confidence to get back into running again. I asked him if it’s principles could be applied to any other fitness related activities, he agreed and said that the essentials of the book could be applied to anything. We spent the rest of the train journey back to Glasgow discussing how little it takes to knock you off your stride and whack your self-confidence with the biggest baseball bat life can find. As he said, all it takes is one set back, one struggle to get back on your feet and, when you feel vulnerable, it can kill the “I can do this” buzz.

hard in the begin

It is funny because, like my 7 am discussion at a bus  stop the other day, you never know when inspiration or that light-bulb moment will appear. So although I am not a runner, I am up against competition! And that competition is the perceived lack of self confidence. This quote from George Sheehan made me really think, if I can shut out that little voice, that tiny wee niggle that I have written about so often, I know I can get myself to where I should be.

So perhaps it is one your marks. get set …what next!

First refocus and time to straighten up that wobbly table


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