Dear Blog

Dear Blog

Remember me? I am the one who used to write to you often. I find it so sad that we grew apart over the last few weeks but the good news is that I am back and ready to start again.

I hope you will forgive me for not being around but there were extenuating circumstances which I am sure you will understand have prevented me from keeping you updated. I have been very lucky to have had the support of a lot of people who I am sure we will thank over the next few blogs.

I went back to the gym at the Western Health and Racquets Club tonight for my first PT session with GymGuyMark in over 6 weeks. It was just a light cardio with some stretching to get the ol limbs loosened a bit, and of course all accompanied by of GGM’s banter.

So over the next few days you can expect me to be in contact a bit more, get your spell check warmed up, dust off the image posting button and get ready to start blogging again

Lots of love


PS Fiona, bit more effort at the Gym girl !!!!!!! Bet you wish you had never introduced yourself now.

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