The art of Rewind (ing) Part 1

How many times have you said to yourself “I wish I could go back in time as I would not have made that mistake”? Just think of all those silly, and serious, moments in our lives when say something we wish we hadn’t, had one drink too many and done something stupid or decided to have ten minutes more in bed and missed the best part of the day? Oh to have a rewind button! To be able to take the tape back to that point in time when you said yes to something that seemed like a bright idea at the time but was in fact the wrong one. The lessons we learn from those instant decisions!


The last few weeks have been very much like that for me, I have made one or two silly choices which I regret but will learn and move on. These silly instant choices affected not only my self-esteem but prevented me from doing things I enjoy. Two rash decisions that I will never make again! The positive thing is that it made me realise how certain things in life have become important to me and I cannot, as a recovering Gymophobe, believe that I am about to type this next sentence.

I really missed going to the Gym at The Western Health and Racquets Club on Hyndland Road! I missed pushing myself on the treadmill, I missed the banter and chat at Metafit and most definitely I am feeling the missed PT sessions with GymGuyMark.  My name is Geraldine and I think my Gymophobia may be cured!

Now that is out in the open how do I rewind, how do I go back and start again? Or do I?

I have always agreed with the idea that we don’t make mistakes, we learn lessons. So looking at the lessons I have learned from the last few weeks it is time to do my homework and take notes. For me the lesson learned is priorities and getting them right. Putting parts of my life into place and making sure I get back to having the balance right again.

Where do I start? How do I clear my head of the chaos of the last few weeks? Most people would need peace and quiet to make life decisions but not me , not this time. Firstly I sat down with GymGuyMark had a coffee, a chat about motorbikes and life, oh and rearranged my PT sessions. Secondly, I went home and started to pack for a weekend away with Michelle (@tartancat) and Wilma (@duffwilma) at Rewind 2013 festival in Perth. How appropriate eh! We are off, in a campervan, to sing, dance, drink gin, chat and generally have a flippin good time. The music of the 80’s is what it is all about and having a good time with good people to totally chill out.

So to fast forward I am going to Rewind, not so much erasing the last few weeks but learning that sometimes old tapes are best left in their box and never played again.

Time to pack those wellies, it is festival time!


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