The Guilty Éclair

I did something this morning that I am ashamed of, something I swore I would never do again but hey ho, in times of stress and trouble we will clutch at any old straw to try to possibly feel good.

I stood on the scales!

Yes, I know, I threw mine out the window ages ago but I was waiting for my prescription at the Chemist, was fed up and thought why not. Big mistake, I appear to have put on weight which set my mind into overdrive. Was it the pasta I had at the weekend or perhaps that sneaky burger? Or was it because my get up and go had got up and gone so I did no exercise, mmmm I wonder????

pasta jan 2013

Whatever it was, it annoyed me, daft I know because my weight hasn’t bothered me in a while so whether it is anxiety fuelled obsessive behaviours or the fact that I am a bit conscious of a lot of silly things at the moment, this little 1lb bothered me. So like Sherlock Holmes, I am on the case


Firstly let’s examine the evidence, what have I actually eaten since Friday? Up till then I had been a good girl, I had balanced out what I actually needed versus what my emotions were telling me I needed, the old greens versus cheesecake debate.  When I sat and wrote everything down it did actually all balance out, except for one thing Watson, a very cheeky chocolate éclair. However in the middle of writing this Blog  I realised this was becoming a slight obsession. Me obsessed with food? Obsessed by eating healthily? So, after giving myself a hearty shake, the conclusion to this wee detective novel is everything in moderation Holmes, right now make small changes like cutting out caffeine, eating a good breakfast and losing the bread.

Small steps can make big changes, one day at a time!


Further reading on anxiety disorders and eating


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