December Days … breakfast and snacks, getting ahead!

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One week to go till Christmas Eve and for a lot of people this is when panic starts to ensue. The ever-growing lists, the kids’ last minute change of their letter to Santa and the teenager has just announced she is vegetarian and won’t be eating turkey this year! You realise that you have bought the same Christmas cards last year and then wonder if anyone will notice.

So how can we cope with it all without totally relying on gin? It is actually quite simple. Sit yourself down, pour a wee glass of something nice, get out that pen and think of things that you can organise easily. What parts of your day can you sort out beforehand?

For example, breakfast or snacks! There are some very simple things you can make that are a wee bit different but would give you a good start to the day or give you a wee energy boost when you need it.

I asked Krista who does the baking for ‘Cakes on Sunday’ at The Western Tennis and Gym on Hyndland Road to look for some recipes for me

This one is packed full of energy and stores really well

For something a wee bit different and a great snack


Or my own favourites, the Queen of Express, Nigella

Or what about Nigel’s smoothie in a bowl?


All of these recipes are easily adaptable and apart from the smoothie, store well. Yes, I can see you standing there, madly trying to rush out the door, a kid tucked under each arm thinking aye right, when will I get the time to make these. But believe me, I got one of the busiest Mums I know to try out all of the above, she treated the kids to pizza and a dvd while she and Dad got stuck into some baking in the kitchen.  They ended up preparing a tonne of veg and making some soup as well. And tomorrow, I am pleased to say she has given me her freezes brill soup recipe!

Come on, release your inner Nigella and get cooking!

G x

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