December Days … Remembering !

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There are days when you wake up and just want to crawl back under the duvet. The weather is horrible, you still haven’t bought any presents, the kids are going mental fighting over the remote and the little darlings have used all the milk for their cereal. How tempting to pull that cosy blanket over your head and hope when you finally surface, Mary Poppins will have dropped by and with a spoon full of sugar, the medicine will have gone down. But what if you live on your own, oh yeh we single folks have days like this to, your flat looks beyond even Kim and Aggie’s help, the only thing in the freezer is a bottle of vodka and suspicious looking black thing, you have a manky cold and no one to soothe your fevered brow.  Let’s face it, days like this are all relative.

And then you turn on the news, you sit down in disbelief that yet again children and adults have lost their lives in a terrible fashion. A place where they are supposed to be safe and secure turns into a nightmare. For this to happen at any time of year is devastating but to look under a Christmas tree at a present that will never be opened must be the hardest thing to bear.


Whether you live on your own, have a partner or family, take time today to be with those you love and care for. Why not get out that Christmas movie that makes you call cry or laugh, sit with an enormous box of choccies or your favourite snack and just spend some time being grateful for what you have because you never know the moment it might not be there! Yes, the place could do with a good hoover, the kid’s school clothes need ironed and so what if the turkey isn’t ordered yet, there are other things in life that are more important.

Peace and love

G x

PS This Blog is a change to the one originally scheduled for today, my apologies to those who helped me with the original post, I will use it later in the week.

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