Refocus on those sequins and getting back with the programme !

The past few weeks, gym wise, have been really difficult for me. Along with a few other things, I have had a rotten chest infection that just would not shift, my cough was keeping me up at night and my throat was quite painful as a result. So as you can imagine pounding the treadmill at the Gym was not an attractive prospect. In short I know I have been a miserable git, through lack of sleep and having to take antibiotics so my apologies world!

Perhaps the most frustrating thing was that before all this I know I was doing well. With GymGuyMark’s help I was off that plateau, moving onwards and upwards when life decided, hang on let’s just take a moment here! Quite frankly, the fact that I feel like I am back at the start again has really got me down. Yes, I know I am still almost 2 stones lighter, I don’t get knackered running for a bus and I need to wear a belt to stop most of my jeans from falling down but the frustration of not being able to do what I want to, exercise wise, is driving me nuts. This is a stage I never thought I would ever get to! I genuinely never in a million years thought that being told to lay off the gym or to cut down on certain exercises, would make me feel like this. I guess it is when something becomes part of your life and, even though you are knackered after it, you feel good once you have achieved that extra tilt on the treadmill or shifted that heavier weight.

So how do you refocus and start again?

Well, time to look at the positives.

  • I want to get back into my normal gym routine as soon as possible
  • I have actually said to GymGuyMark ‘that weight is too light’
  • I can still zone out on the treadmill and focus on what I want to achieve on it
  • In the grand scheme of things I haven’t actually put on any weight
  • I have just bought new trainers

So the will and the focus are still there, it is just that I have to accept for the last few weeks the physical ability has not been and it was, in the main, through no fault of my own.

As Lucille Ball once said “one of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself”. From that I take, get back with the programme, and trust in GymGuyMark’s judgement that what we are doing is still working, keep the optimism alive and that at my fiftieth birthday next year, I will be in that glam dress.

Time to refocus on the sequins or the glam black dress

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