The tough route to Decisionville!

Decisions, decisions, decisions? So hard to make we named them thrice! I can’t remember who said that to me but it is so true, my theory is we say it three times in the vain hope that by the third we will have made up our minds. Whether it’s do I have another latte, do I accept the offer of a new job or do I stay in bed rather than go to the gym, everyday our poor brains go through the process.

So my friends, are you a list maker, a pro and con weigher or perhaps a go with your heart person? Whatever type, everyone one of us formulates and concludes our decisions in a different way, producing different outcomes for different reasons. I guess it is hard for us to sometimes agree with what others decide, we may not feel it is right for them that they are heading down a path, which to our mind, will ultimately end in ‘heartache’. How then do we take the decision to walk away and leave our friends/colleagues/ partners to walk their own path? Their decision leaves us with a decision that we need to workout.

My decision to start this whole gymophobe recovery programme was made so much easier because I had the full support of family and friends, and then the continued encouragement of GymGuyMark and the guys at The Western Health and Racquets Club, but the decision to keep going is fully mine. The temptation when days are dark to curl up under the duvet is very tempting, when life kicks you in the teeth or others let you down it is so difficult to motivate yourself to get the trainers on and hit the treadmill. It would be so easy to decide to stuff it and take the easy route to Lazyville. Yesterday, after a pretty stressful morning, I took the decision to go to the Gym. It was quiet which suited me as I needed peace to think, having said that I did hit the treadmill with very loud Deep Purple on my IPod. I started my ‘walk’ as normal but quickly found that I was increasing my speed and the incline quicker than I would normally. It was almost as if the harder I worked the clearer my thoughts were becoming. Eventually I found myself totally zoned out; full concentration was on what I was doing in the moment rather than ‘power walking’ off the decisions that I had to make. By the time the last ‘smoke had cleared from the water’, decision was made. It is amazing how dripping sweat, Deep Purple and an incline of 4.00 can help to clear your brain.

We are all different and will take different routes to resolving our life decisions but remember my friends that the paths others take is not the route we need to ‘power walk’ down. We are individuals with our own minds; ditch the sat nav that others use and find your own way, the end destination will be so much more rewarding.


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