Warpaint on for the Monday battle !

Good morning world and welcome to another Monday.

The day when the alarm seems to arrive early, someone forgot to buy coffee and we can never find change for our bus fare! Why is it that everything seems to go wrong on a Monday?  It is the first day of the week, a new start, and time to hit the week running and go go go!  So why does it always feel like it has gone gone gone? Is it the fear of what lies ahead? Or is it this is Monday and this is the way we always think?

Yesterday I broke a ‘Monday’ barrier. I woke up with so much to do that to be honest, the entire day felt daunting. Why I decided to add a visit to the Gym into the mix I will never know or understand but for some reason the thought of a power walk on the treadmill seemed like a good idea. Plugged into some vintage Donna Summer, I hit that machine ‘walking’! Without even realising it, I found myself upping the speed till I almost had to break into a run. The next thing someone had taken control of my fingers and was upping the incline and before I knew it, I had broken a personal barrier. To many gym folks it will seem nothing, but to me and those who know my struggles with my ‘gym abilities’ this was huge. Whether it was Donna belting out The Last Dance or an alien who had taken over my body, I do not know but the tiny sense of elation at my wee achievement felt good.  Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate the Monday mind-set and start acknowledging that the recovery from Gymophobia is well on its way whether I like it or not.

Facing any acknowledgment of change in our thinking or way of life is bloody hard. Whether it’s that we are capable of breaking ‘PB’s’ or can smile when the alarm goes off on a Monday when we remember we forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, realising that some changes in thinking do actually work.

This particular Monday I wake up knowing that I have to say good-bye to a friend, knowing that the day ahead will be hard and that there will be many questions asked. So like any good soldier facing a ‘battle’ I am well prepared  and am facing this particular Monday with full black suited armour, waterproof war paint, killer heels, my favourite handbag, gin on my Special K (I wish) and a giant size box of hankies ! But, perhaps most importantly, knowing that behind me are the thoughts of many good friends!

So once I have fixed the chip in my nail varnish and re straightened my hair, it will be time to face the day, time to stand up and speak the words my friend can no longer say. Break through a barrier for her that she felt unable to attempt.

Right Monday, do your worst because I am wearing red nail varnish and am ready for you !


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