Sunday Morning Post Coffee Thought 12/08/2012

“Believe nothing because a wise man said it.

Believe nothing because it is generally held.

Believe nothing because it is written.

Believe nothing because it is said to be divine

Believe nothing because someone else believes it.

But believe only what you yourself know to be true.”

The Buddha

Every one of us has a different set of values and beliefs, none of us are the same, and it is that which makes us the varied, exciting and at times dangerous world we live in. All too often we accept someone else’s word as the truth, we accept gossip as what really happened when the true situation is only known by those involved. Deep down we all know the extent of our own beliefs, our own values and the laws we set ourselves, so why do we beat ourselves up when we don’t stay true to them? Why do we spend hours kicking ourselves for going against our better judgement? Why, when we promised ourselves we wouldn’t eat cake, do we have a second slice?

Answer: we are human beings; we have freedom of thought, freedom of will and freedom to choose our paths.  You chose to sit in front of the TV instead of going to the Gym, so stop beating yourself and enjoy the programme. Tomorrow is another day, and you will get back with the ‘other programme’ if you really want to.

As The Buddha said, “believe only what you know yourself to be true” in the end it is only between you and your beliefs that you can judge what is true.

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