Blame It on The Buble!

Quick question for you!

Light bulb moments, how many have you had in your life and were they all bells and whistles? Fireworks and bright lights? Or were they just one of those moments were your eyes fill up with tears  and you have an embarrassing moment in your favourite Italian restaurant ?

Let me explain! Today was a very busy Saturday, up with the lark, a couple of buckets of coffee, a tone and a half of tinted moisturiser to conceal the dark circles and trainers to make at least a pretence that I was keen to trek round town! List ticked off and favours done, I schlepped my way back home for a quick snooze before hitting the shops in Byres Road. And all this before noon! Christmas shopping is my new cardio!!!!! So local shopping all done then for some crazy reason I decided to walk it back to my flat. Why on earth I did that I do not know because my arm muscles started to complain as much as they used to do during a weight session with GymGuyMark. Funnily enough it was just as I was passing the Western Health and Racquets Club that my arms decided that enough was enough and perhaps the sight of Santa shifting traffic cones to move his car finally got to me (seriously that last bit is true) was the last straw! Luckily enough Caffe Parma is now open at the Western and the notion of a sitting at a table watching Glasgow’s West Enders walking by while sipping on a chilled glass of Pinot, seemed a fitting reward for my days exertions.


Now well fed, watered and rested I sat back drinking my latte, listening to Michael Buble crooning Silent Night and scrolling through my phone I decided to check my emails which may not have been the smartest thing to do as one of them contained a a wee phrase that caused a bit of a reaction. It simply said “one of best my best decisions”! Now I know what this means but I prefer to keep the circumstances for another day. Let me just say that it caused a  a spark that caused a light bulb moment, I suddenly realised that for the first time in I don’t know how many years I am happy. The stresses in my life are normal, I have no “complications” and I find myself looking forward! I have some good people in my life and looking out on a grey day lit by Christmas Tree lights, I would swear I could see the sun coming out. I was so glad of the white napkin because there was a sniffle or two at this realisation. The couple sitting opposite me looked at me strangely and I just said that the Michael Buble track always got to me! Thank goodness one of Santa’s elves appeared in to the Caffe, honestly one did, it made me smile even wider and was just the distraction I needed.

During some of my darkest times someone once said to me to never worry because one day I would be able to stand in the storm and watch it pass. On a December day in the West End of Glasgow, I looked out a window and watched my imaginary storm blow itself out and it made me glad that I had withstood the storm. Fantastic you say, brilliant Geraldine, well done … but there is only one problem! I said to GymGuyMark the last time I saw him that as soon as got my life settled I would be back at the Gym. So perhaps my arms were not unhappy at the bag carrying, perhaps they knew before I did what will be coming soon … the return to the Western Gym of the Recovering Gymophobe … quick I need another glass of wine, in fact make it a bucket!!!!

Peace and many light bulb moments to you all









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