Uncle John!

My Uncle John passed away the other morning. He was another character who will be sorely missed by his family and friends. John was my Dad’s brother in law and he and my Aunty Mary got married in the same year as Mum and Dad.

Two of my most favourite life moments are with my Uncle John! The first came at a difficult time in my life when I was getting over some real struggles. I have been attending a back to work course and after each session my Dad used to pick me up and take me down to his Historical Society meetings, in the old Croy Miners Welfare Club. My Uncle John had been learning how to take photos as part of a wee project to record some of the local sights and he wanted to try and print some of them but was not sure how to go about it. I sat with him for about half an hour teaching him what to do and the look on his face when the first photo came “off the press” was amazing. It taught me two things, one that it is the simple things in life that can make us very happy and two, never underestimate the power of learning at any age!

The second moment came at my 50th Birthday Party. Uncle John had not been well and we didn’t think he would make it. It was such a lovely surprise to see him walk through the door with my Aunty Mary and even more special was what he said to me in his wonderful Glaswegian voice, ” I wouldnae miss your party hen!”.

John was yet another of life’s characters, he leaves behind a lot of people who will remember him through good times and bad. So Uncle John, you leave behind you a legacy in my amazing cousins and your grandchildren as well as all the nieces and nephews.

Rest in peace my friend and Uncle!

Here’s tae you!

Geraldine x


  1. It’s good to hold onto the good memories, make good of all the things your uncle taught you, thank him regularly and you’ll feel better for it. I lost both my parents in the last couple of years and chatting to them when I’m out for a run still makes that connection strong for me. I chat about what’s been happening, my hopes and thank them for all that they taught me. The sadness has gone but the wonderful memories remain 🙂

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