The Right Blend of Coffee Therapy

There are several things that I cannot do without in my life. Gin of course, oh and other things like family and friends, money, good health and all that stuff. But there is one thing that no matter how much I try, I cannot give up. Coffee, full-blown caff to the max coffee! It helps me be a decent human being in the morning and along with various miracle creams stops me scaring people on the bus. So when the coffee place that regularly rescues you of a morning with their healing blend of beans, ask you along to a tasting evening, you do not say no.

Gordon Street Coffee is a “small batch coffee producer” that roasts its own coffee on site. I fell in love with their Glasgow Roast blend a long time ago so to get the chance to go along, get behind the counter and see how my latte was made was just a wee bit exciting. We were a small group which was really nice because you got the chance to chat and get to know people. And when you are welcomed n the door with an Espresso Martini, you know the night is going to go well.

espresso martini

We started off learning how everything from a latte to an Americano is made. From how much foam there should on a cappuccino to the art of making a heart in the foam and of course tasting. The guys were super patient and answered all the questions we asked. I think I maybe a frustrated “barista” at heart!


Totally spoiled with some yummy goodies to eat as well as fabulous coffee!



Then upstairs to watch this bad boy in action and learn all about the fine art of roasting and blending.

beans 2

After a lesson in slurping and single blends with Christopher it was almost time to go.

It was a really good way to spend an evening and if you get the chance go along to one of their Wednesday night info sessions. But for me the most important part was that I got to chat to the people I see almost every day. Up till tonight most of them had been that nice girl or guy who makes my latte but having had the chance to chat to them and get to know more about who they are and what they do, was really nice.

For many of us the dash into the coffee shop in the morning is a necessity, we need that caffeine hit and that wee bit of banter and in a sense I guess it is almost a form of therapy. We know that when we take that first sip it will make us feel more human, kick-start the whole body into life and possibly prevent us from walloping someone with our handbag because they looked at us the wrong way.

But you know what for me, having somewhere like Gordon Street is even better now because I know that the people behind the counter are darn nice and that my coffee is made by experts! I hate to say but for me their skinny Glasgow Roast latte is my the new Irn Bru!

Thanks guys, see you tomorrow!



PS I was not paid or bribed in anyway to write this! !!!!! Honest guv

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  1. Coffee and Gin are my two favourite things in life. Sorry family, boyfriend, friends – you just don’t cut it. Thank God I’m not alone in this world – thanks for sharing!

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