Clearing Things Up

Good morning all

I have had a few messages recently about my Blog and would just like to clarify a couple of things. Before I go on, this is not a criticism of any other Blogs, it is merely a response to several queries I have had.

I started this Blog for myself, to try to keep on track working out that elusive balance in life. It began as my fight to get this body into some kind of half decent shape so that I could still enjoy a gin or two. But like any good piece of work, as I have changed, so has my Blog. Yes, it still has all the gym and fitness stuff, well it will have once my health is back under control, but it now has more about my thoughts on life and how I am coping with the menopause. Life changes all the time and when you feel like you are going through a second adolescence, so should my writing.

Secondly, I have never written or promoted anything on my Gin or Gym Blog for money or free goods. Any places or businesses I mention are there because I like them and they are, or have been, part of my life. My opinions are not influenced in any way, shape or form by anyone. I have loads of friends who will testify to that.  I only recommend things that I believe in.

This Blog will stay the way it is, full of honest views on life, shared experiences and my constant struggle to get this old body into something not resembling a menopausal Michelin woman! My mantra has always been to do the gin I need to do the gym,which basically means for every good thing in life, there a has to be a bit of tough work behind it.



I hope that clears a few things up  and that you continue to come along with me as I slog through the rest of life.


aka Gin or Gym

More Perspiration than Inspiration!




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